BTS for 'Dynamite' BTS for 'Dynamite'

The best K-Pop songs with retro disco concept to dance the whole night

Do you love Disco music? These K-Pop artists have been inspired by this genre to create fun songs. You're gonna love them!

No one can avoid moving around as soon as disco music starts. This genre is perfect for dancing, you don't need to be an expert to enjoy the music.

Korean artists have been using the retro concept to make their music richer. One of our favorites retro references are those that are inspired in the disco years.

Bell bottom pants, colorful outfits and sparkles, these K-Pop songs have the perfect combo to make you dance.

K-Pop songs inspired by disco vibes

1. GFRIEND - MAGO (2020)

The last single of this iconic group showed a more matured side of the members. With MAGO the girls of GFRIEND are inviting you to dance.

Great voices, beautiful singers and fun choreography. You need this track in your playlist.

2. NAPAL BAJI - Psy (2015)

Name someone who is a master in the creation of cheerful songs. Yes, exactly! We're thinking the same: Psy

NAPAL BAJI is literally an ode to the bell bottom pants. The best part here is that everyone can follow this fun dance.

3. Roly-Poly - T-ARA (2011)

Maybe the younger K-Pop don't know this masterpiece. If this is your case, don't worry, the moment for dancing to T-ARA music is here.

Back then in 2011 this legendary girl group released a whole album inspired by John Travolta the Hollywood Disco king. The year passes but Roly-Poly is still one of the best K-Pop disco songs.

4. When We Disco - J.Y. Park Duet with Sunmi (2020)

This track has all the 70's vibes. Is not just the name of this song, the music and the video will take you back in time.

Sunmi voice fits really well with the music of her ex-boss J.Y. Park. If you like this track you also need to check out Wonder Girls music.

5. Dynamite - BTS (2020)

Finally the favorite of the whole world during the pandemic. BTS released their first English single when the global situation was difficult.

This is the perfect song we all need to light our mood. The color palette of the music video and the cool moves of the members are a great remedy for the bad days. 

Do you have all these songs in your playlist? No? What are you waiting for?

Maybe today you don't want to dance. Do you want to relax? RM from BTS has the best chill songs. Check out our recommendation

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