ITZY for 'Not Shy' ITZY for 'Not Shy'

The best K-Pop songs with cowboys concepts that will make you dance

Are you looking for inspiration for your cowboy outfit? These K-Pop artists have the best songs to help you and make you dance at the same time.

According to specialists, last year the most popular style was 'cowboys'. This concept was a global trend in fashion and music. However, the K-Pop artists have been using this reference even before it became a euphoria.

Korean industry is getting bigger and bigger. It is looking to conquer all the markets and all the kinds of public. Since this assignment is giant, also K-Pop artists have a wide musical catalog to offer. 

No matter if it is pop, this genre can adapt to countless styles just like the cowboy concept. These tracks were made to enjoy the sunshine and hot weather. Those have all the characteristics needed to be added to your summer playlist.

These talented Idols have the best music inspired by the cowboy culture. Be ready for many amazing outfits and awesome desert scenarios. All the next songs are masterpieces. Are you ready to dance?

The best K-Pop song with a Cowboy concept

1. Not Shy - ITZY

The members of ITZY show a new interpretation of the cowboy. However, the music video has all the elements to be a western movie. Turn up the volume!

2. Permission To Dance - BTS

No one can avoid dancing to this cheerful song. BTS wanted to bring us happiness in the middle of the pandemic. Well, they made it!

3. MAMAMACITA - Super Junior

This one gave us a whole movie. Super Junior was inspired by the cowboy style and a little bit of Mexican culture for this song. The members are not bad at speaking Spanish.

4. That That - PSY feat Suga

There is not too much that we can say. The music speaks for itself. PSY and Suga working together were the best! The duet just knows how to drop hits. The favorite of too many.

What other K-Pop song with a cowboy concept should be on the list?

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