Bang Si Hyuk and Teddy Park Bang Si Hyuk and Teddy Park

The best K-Pop producers that are behind the most popular hits

Do you know who is the creator of your favorite K-Pop song? These are the most successful producers in the industry.

K-Pop songs were made to conquer the global public. The Hallyu wave is now a master in the creation of music that can climb the charts. Even the skeptics can fall in love with one of these catchy tracks.

To understand the massive popularity of this music we need to talk about the talented artists, the flawless visual content, the smart management strategies and more. Anyways, today we are talking about those heroes that we keep themselves in the shadows: the producers.

Since the K-Pop creators spent most of their time in the recording studio we don't see them too much in the spotlight. However, the gentlemen on this list are the geniuses behind some of our favorite songs. It's time to give them a standing ovation.

 Nowadays, the Korean industry has a wide catalog of artists. We can find many genres, so the style of the producers are versatile as well. Nevertheless, here are the most common names in the popular K-Pop songs' credits.

The most succesful K-Pop producers

1. Teddy Park

He has been working in YG Entertainment for too many years. Teddy is behind almost all the BLACKPINK's discography. He made songs for BIGBANG, 2NE1, Sunmi, PSY and more.

Teddy Park in 'Blackpink: Light Up the Sky' / Twitter @rosiesoulie

2. Bumzu

This talented producer has been working in the music for almost the artists of PLEDIS Entertainment. Bumzu has been working with SEVENTEEN since the early days. Also, he produced songs for NUEST, After School, Fromis 9, and many more.

Bumzu with SEVENTEEN's Woozi / Twitter @7TeenChile

3. Brave Brothers

His real name is Kang Dong Chul. He produced tracks for tons of artists of the second generation including SISTAR, T-ARA, HyunA, AOA and more. One of his latest hits is the popular "Rollin" by Brave Girls

Producer Brave Brothers / Twitter @Spain_Kpop_

4. Hitman Bang

Also known by his real name, Bang Si Hyuk is the one who has been supporting the BTS career since the beginning. He created BIGHIT and some of the most iconic songs of the K-Pop sensation. Recently, he has been working in the music of the rookie group LE SSERAFIM.

Bang Si Hyuk with TXT / Twitter @MOAPeruOficial

Among these producers, who is your favorite?

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