The best K-Pop breakdance of girl groups' performances

Let's watch some of the best dancers of the K-Pop industry take the stage. These girl groups have extraordinary breakdance moments in their performances.

Let's be honest, there is not bad dancer among the K-Pop Idols. However there are a few artists that stand out with their awesome dancing skills.

The choreographies are one of the most important factors in this industry. That's why the agencies put a lot of effort into providing more impressive and creative dances.

These female Idols will let you jaw drop with their complicated breakdance. For sure it will be really hard to breathe after dancing like these artists do. Enjoy the show!

The best K-Pop breakdance by girl groups

1. Sorry - AOA

Queendom gave us tons of unforgettable performances. Today let's talk about this AOA's song. The breakdance is on point and Chanmi is basically flying on stage. It's unbelievable!

2. Scream - Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher has too many song with flawless breakdance. The choreography of this group is so complicated that the chorus looks like a dance break. We also have an honorific mention for BOCA.

3. Monster - Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI

We can't decide. What is better, the dance of their stable vocals? Just Red Velvet can perform that kind of choreography and dance at the same time.

4. Secret Story of the Swan - IZ*ONE -

This dance breakdance needs a lot of energy. However the former members of IZ*ONE made it look pretty easy. These Idols are super talented.


We cannot leave without talking about ITZY. This group has the best breakdance among the current K-Pop generation. The original choreography of this song is amazing but this performance is on another level.

Among these performances, which one is your favorite?

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