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The best K-Dramas with Yoo Seung Ho to explore his acting career

Yoo Seung Ho has too many years in the industry. You need to watch these great K-Dramas starring him.

There are a few actors who basically have spent all their lives in front of a camera. Yoo Seung Ho started his acting career when he was just 7 years old. He acted in the K-Drama Daddy Fish. Since then, the public fell in love with the cute boy, he even got the title "Nation's Little Brother".

He got offers for too many projects as a child actor. There are tons of movies and series where we can see the young Seung Ho conquering the viewers. Eventually, that lovely bor grew up just like his characters did.

Since 2011 he has been playing mostly lead roles. The talented actor works a lot, he filmed too many dramas in just one year. Yoo Seung Ho just left the public light in 2013 when he got enlisted in the mandatory service.

Nowadays, he is a very popular actor. He has tons of popular projects. Some of them gave him international popularity. Do you want to see more of his work? Today we have for you the best series of his career. These stories will be perfect to get into his career.

The greatest K-Dramas starring Yoo Seung Ho

1. Warrior Baek Dong Soo (2011)

This iconic show has Yoo Seung Ho and Ji Chang Wook in the lead roles. These good friends portrayed the roles of two swordsmen during the Joseon dynasty.

'Warrior Baek Dong Soo' poster / Twitter @nony188

2. Remember (2016)

Do you like suspense stories? This is the best option for you. The actor played the role of Seo Jin Woo, a man who has a condition called hyperthymesia. He can remember every detail of his life. He is trying to prove that his dad is innocent, he has been accused of murder. 

'Remember' poster / Twitter @MrTrippMarco

3. I'm Not a Robot (2018)

It's time for a romantic comedy. We'll see the story of Kim Min Kyu a rich man who has an allergy to physical contact. Then he falls in love with a robot. Actually, it is a true girl but he doesn't know it.

'I'm Not a Robot' poster / Twitter @zqbookz

4. My Strange Hero (2019)

This romantic show follows the story of Kang Bok Soo. He was expulsed from high school. His adult life is difficult since he has not a diploma. then he enters the school again, this time he is looking to change the system.

'My Strange Hero' poster / Twitter @_Gabbbysko_o

5. Moonshine (2021)

Now let's watch a historical show. Yoo Seung Ho is Nam Young, a passionate inspector. This love story takes place during an alcohol prohibition law in Joseon Dynasty. Our protagonists will fall in love with a lady who sells alcohol secretly.

'Moonshine' poster / Twitter @Noe_Chiz

 Yoo Seung Ho is so versatile!

Korean actors are usually super handsome. These actors are in their 30s. Check if your favorite is on the list.

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