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The best K-Dramas with Seol In Ah that you have to watch right now

The Korean actress Seol In Ah is very popular these days. Here are her best K-Dramas, she is super talented!

Are you ready to know the upcoming Korean superstars? For sure we all love to watch shows with our favorite actors as protagonists, but, what about the new talents? It's time to look at the artists with a giant potential to lead the current Hallyu wave generation.

Today we are talking about the super talented lady. Seol In Ah will conquer your heart with her natural charisma and stunning beauty. The actress started her career with short participation in the K-Drama "The Producers" in 2016.

Just one year later she debuted on the big screen with a film called "Closed Eyes". Gradually she got more popularity until finally get her first lead role in a Tv series in 2018. Since then she has conquered the public with her awesome acting skills.

Do you want to see more of her career? Despite having a short time in the industry, Seol In Ah has already worked on some successful projects. Here are the most interesting K-Dramas with her. Enjoy the show!

The best K-Dramas to get into Seol In Ah's acting career

1. Sunny Again Tomorrow (2018)

This was her first lead role. She is Kang Ha Nee a woman who is trying to open her own sales TV channel. You can watch this lovely story for free on YouTube. What are you waiting for?

'Sunny Again Tomorrow' poster / Twitter @theseoulstory

2. Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life (2019)

Do you want to watch a romantic comedy? This show follows the story of Kim Chung Ah, a young woman that has a hopeless vision of love. Will she find happiness?

'Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life' poster / Twitter @a__garc

3. Mr. Queen (2020)

We cannot leave without talking about this hilarious show. Seol In Ah took the role of the noble lady Joo Hwa Jin. She looked so beautiful in this historical show!

Seol In Ah for 'Mr. Queen' / Twitter @somveIy

4. Business Proposal (2022)

The favorite of many is here! In Business Proposal the actress played the role of a rich girl Jin Young Seo. Her father wants her to get married but she hates blind dates. Her character is hilarious.

Seol In Ah and Kim Min Kyu / Twitter @theseoulstory

Have you watched one of these great dramas?

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