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The best K-Dramas with SHINee's Minho to explore his acting career

The handsome rapper of SHINee is a talented actor as well. These K-Dramas with Minho have the best stories.

If we have to talk about K-Pop history, for sure we need to mention SHINee. This iconic group is really important, its dance style influenced a lot of artists of the younger generation. These Idols have tons of classic hits.

While SHINee was busy with its schedule, Minho was putting a lot of effort into his acting career as well. The charismatic rapper has worked in films and series since 2010. He made his debut as an actor with the lead role in the special drama "Pianist".

His talent conquered the public immediately. The passionate Idol enjoys to take new challenges, that's why he has portrayed different characters in shows of all kinds of genres. Minho can basically do everything.

Today we have for you his best K-Dramas. All of them have addictive plots, once you start to watch them will be pretty hard to stop. Look for popcorn, take a seat and let's enjoy the best show of Minho.

Addictive K-Dramas with Minho from SHINee

1. To the Beautiful You (2012)

Let's start with this iconic show. Here Minho is Kang Tae Joon, a young athlete who wants to quit. Eventually, a strange boy named Jay Dawson came to his school to support him. This guy is actually a girl (Sulli)

'To the Beautiful You' poster / Twitter @themangahime

2. Medical Top Team (2013)

The Idol was praised for his role in this medical drama. He is Kim Seong Woo, the youngest resident surgeon at this hospital. He has a crush on one of his colleagues.

Minho for 'Medical Top Team' / Twitter @latamshinee

3. Hwarang (2017)

This drama had a wonderful cast. The cast had just handsome actors working together. Minho took the role of Kim Soo Ho a warrior of the elite group Hwarang.

Minho for the historical drama 'Hwarang' / Twitter @latamshinee

4. My First Time (2015)

The lead couple of this show has the best chemistry. Minho is Yoon Tae Oh, a college student who has fallen in love with his childhood friend, Hang Song Yi. The heroine of this story is played by Park So Dam. The best option to watch on the weekend!

'Because It's My First Time' poster / Twitter @almightykeybeom

Have you watched one of these shows?

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