IU for 'Love Poem' IU for 'Love Poem'

The best IU songs that will relax you with her sweet voice

Nothing can be better than star or finish your day with a little moment to relax. IU has the best options for your chill playlist.

IU is one of the most important Korean female singers of the moment. The world already knows that this talented artist just releases masterpieces. If you don't believe us just check a little bit of her discography.

Today let's recall some of her softest songs. These are perfect to make you feel happy and, of course, all of them will be really helpful to relax.

Every time you have a bad day, remember to listen to these songs. IU's beautiful voice is the best option to comfort you.

IU songs you need in your chill playlist

1. Blueming (2019)

It is a playful song that explores how romantic relationships work via social media. It is a great melody to chill.

2. Friday - Feat. Jang Yi Jeong (2013)

It might look simple but the topic of this track is really effective. Let's see this lovely couple settle down the details for their next date.

3. Secret Garden - 2017

The alternative title for this sweet song could be comfort. The words describe an ethereal garden, the perfect place to send away all our worries.

4. Palette - Feat. G-DRAGON (2017)

Let's finish with this ode to self acceptance. As soon as it starts it will make you relax with the soft tic tac.

These lyrics are really personal but can be very helpful. Just sing with UI: "I got this. I'm truly fine".

What other IU song should be in this list?

If you are looking for more music to add to your Chill playlist, check this recommendation with the best options from BTS' RM.

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