Camila Cabello and Willow Camila Cabello and Willow

The best Camila Cabello collab songs, these are the greatest duets of her career

Camila Cabello has worked in collaboration with the coolest singers. Here are the best collab tracks of her career.

One of the most popular Latin pop singers in the world is -without any doubt- Camila Cabello. The 25 year old artist has an interesting style. Her music reflects the best of her Cuban and Mexican roots.

However, this multi-national lady grew up in the United States so her pop mixes a little bit of too much. Cabello is well known for her unique voice that fits perfectly with all these styles. She is super versatile!

Throughout her career, she had the opportunity to make music with some of the greatest talents in the industry. As result, we have been dancing to her most iconic collaborations, the singer just drop hits.

Today we have for you some of her best songs in duets with fantastic artists. All these tracks should be in your playlist. Are you ready to dance? Turn up the volume, Camila Cabello is here!

The best Camilla Cabello collaborations ever

1. psychofreak feat Willow

This song is pretty interesting. The beat is calm but her voice and Willow's one make it super powerful.

2. My Oh My feat DaBaby

This one might be a little bit underrated. However, everything is perfect, the style of the song feels even better with DaBaby's rap.

3. Bam Bam feat Ed Sheeran

Did you ever imagine Ed Sheeran singing salsa? Well, Cabello got him trying this genre with the addictive "Bam Bam". It worked pretty well.

4. Havana feat Young Thug

We cannot leave without talking about this classic track. Camila Cabello got became a global sensation thanks to this unforgettable collaboration.

5. Señorita - Shawn Mendes

No matter if the couple is no longer together. They gave us one of the coolest songs of the century. Their voices sound very sexy in this song. Such a masterpiece!

Let us know, which one is your favorite song?

Do you want to know more about "Familia"? Here are some fun facts about Camila Cabello's latest album.

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