Billie Eilish for 'TV' Billie Eilish for 'TV'

The best Billie Eilish performances to fall in love with her impressive vocal skills

Billie Eilish is a super skillful vocalist! Don't you believe us? These amazing performances will change your mind.

Among the pop stars of the younger generation, Billie Eilish stands out thanks to her eccentric style. This talented lady is super creative, her music and shows are quite uncommon. She is easily conquering the world in her own way.

From the begging of her career, she joined forces with her brother Fineas. He is a wonderful producer and songwriter. This powerful duet is giving us tons of beautiful songs that are now part of pop culture.

Of course, they are creating tracks that are perfect for Billie's voice. She is a skillful artist with a wide vocal range. Her distinctive low and whisper style is mostly in all her songs. However, suddenly she will shock the public with insane high notes.

Would you like to enjoy her best vocal performances? Well, you are in the correct place. We are collecting some of the best moments of her career just for you. Be ready to fall in love with Billie Eilish again.

The best vocal performance by Billie Eilish

1. Happier Than Ever - GRAMMY Awards 2022

This performance is showing us her facet as a rockstar. Even though is not her most challenging song, her impressive vocal will blow your mind.

2. Ocean Eyes with Alicia Keys - The Late Late Show

Alicia Keys is another super talented singer. Their voices together are a blessing to our ears. Such a great moment!

3. when the party’s over - The Ellen Show

This is one of the most difficult songs of her career. Her whispered style and those falsettos are not easy to imitate. She is so talented!

4. Billie Bossa Nova - Live Perfromance

This calm rhythm suits her so well. Who would imagine her Billie Eilish singing bossa nova?

5. No Time To Die - The BRIT Awards (2020)

Finally, we have this masterpiece. Eilish's voice shines like never before with this minimalistic intro that takes us to a powerful climax led by her high note.

Let us know, what is your favorite Billie Eilish vocal performance?

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