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The best BTS' Suga songs made for other artists

Suga from BTS is a well-rounded artist. He is famous because of his amazing talent as a rapper but he also is really good at doing music. These songs were mady by Suga the producers.

Have you listened to Daechwita? Everyone gets jaw-dropped while listening to the super fast and clear rap of Suga. Well, today we're talking about another surprising talent of the Idol

The member of BTS has been working in music production since his rookie days. We have already heard of his work on multiple occasions. No matter if it is a BTS song or his solo music, Suga's production is pretty cool.

The Korean industry is aware of the talent of the rapper. This is why various celebrities asked for a track produced by Suga. We have the best masterpieces made by Suga for other artists.

Korean artists song produced by Suga from BTS

1. Wine - Suran Feat.Changmo (2017)

This song gave Suga the prize for Best Producer at the Hot Trend Award. The beat fits perfectly the sweet voice of Suran.

In contrast, Changmo rap appears in this track to put the song in balance. It’s a perfect collaboration. For sure Suga deserves to be the winner.

2. We don't talk together- Heize (2019)

Again we're in front of a track made by Suga with the soft voice of a female singer. In this case is Heize.

The song mixes the sweet piano melody with some electronic beats. If that is not enough the words and music video are beautiful.

3. Eight - IU (2020)

As soon as the world got the news about IU and Suga collaboration the K-Pop fan world went crazy.

Eight is a really emotive song with a deep meaning. Every single thing works perfectly here: IU's awesome voice, the music and of course a short but important rap by Suga.

4. That That - PSY (2020)

Finally, let's talk about the super collab between PSY and Suga. With these geniuses nothing can be wrong.

It is the definition of fun. We can listen to the powerful rap of Suga with a beat that reflects PSY's sense of humor. Everyone will vibe with this song.

Which song is your favorite? The emotive ones or the playful That That?

Check more about the collab of Suga and PSY

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