The Best 'GOING SEVENTEEN' episodes that will make laugh for hours

The variety show of SEVENTEEN it's hilarious. Today we are telling you the best options to watch GOING SEVENTEEN.

Did you know that SEVENTEEN have two fandoms? Yes, they have a massive fan base all over the world thanks to their great music and perfect performances, the name of their fans are CARAT. The members conquered the hearts of more people with their variety show called "GOING SEVENTEEN".

For those who love the show but not necessarily the music of the group, you can be a CUBIC. It's not that common to see a fandom for a show but this one deserves it. Some fanatics of the group are thinking the members are turning into comedians. 

The name of the show is inspired by the SEVENTEEN’s album with the same name. Since this group is known as self-produced Idols, the members themselves are giving ideas for the content of GOING SEVENTEEN.

No matter if you’re a fan of the group or you’re not, the show is hilarious. That’s why today we are giving you the best episode to watch when you’re looking for something fun.

The funniest episodes of GOING SEVENTEEN

1. Best Friends #2 (2021)

The concept for this episode was simple but pretty effective. We’ll see the members playing like they used to when they attended high school.

The game “Red Light, Green Light” was really popular after the release of the series “Squid Game”. We are sure nobody else plays this game like SEVENTEEN does. 

2. Don't Lie #1 (2020)

SEVENTEEN it’s a little bit competitive when we’re talking about two things: sports and mafia game. It’s hilarious to see how serious and funny the members are while playing this game.

This concept is always great to see in GOING SEVENTEEN. At the moment the members have offered three versions of the game. Check here the first one and try to figure out who is the mafia.

3. Kickball #1 (2021)

We already said SEVENTEEN takes the sports seriously, but they love to make CARAT and CUBIC laugh. When they play sports in this show, for sure it will be in a pretty unique way.

For this episode the members played Kickball but using unusual items like a dinosaur costume or flippers. We know, it sounds weird, but it works.

4. TTT #1 (Hyperrealism Ver.) (2020)

Not long ago the Korean Idols used to put a lot of effort into taking care of their image. Sometimes they were not allowed to do things like drink alcohol or reveal themselves not wearing makeup. Well, obviously SEVENTEEN don’t care about it.

TTT is the short version of MT SVT REALITY. We’ll see the members acting in their more natural version. They take a rest, they drink and they play. It’s really funny.

5. The Tag #1 (2020)

Finally the most popular episode on Youtube, this video has more than 10 million views. It was made as a special episode for halloween. The members will get into a haunted house and look for the keys to escape.

Honestly it’s not scary at all, despite the place being dark and mysterious, the reaction of SEVENTEEN it’s the most funny thing ever. Don’t you believe us? You need to watch it!

GOING SEVENTEEN has too many good episodes. Do you have a favorite?

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