The 3 revelations Billie Eilish made through her stories The 3 revelations Billie Eilish made through her stories

The 3 revelations Billie Eilish made through her stories

Saturday, October 17th. The 18-year-old singer did 3 incredible revelations through her Instagram social media. She opened up the possibility for the fans to ask her questions and told secret news: her political view, her next performance and details about her new song! Find out below! 

  • The singer partnered up with Verizon mobile company for a new live show that it will blow everyone minds in terms of technology.
  • It's known that performers usually do playback on their live show. 
  • For the first time in a long time, it will be complete live and the fans will be able to interact.
  • Billie also posted a picture showing her vote intention and details about her new song, that will have an "orange" theme, away from her usual green. 

1. New technological show

With an interactive experience, the singer will invite fans to "be" with her using something called "xr technology", an advanced development of virtual reality. It will be completely live and everybody will be able to be with her, virtually. 

2. Vote intention

Billie with her proof

Billie has been a major politic figure in several areas, including animal protection, racial injustice and the Democratic Party. She even performed at their convention. Showing her proof of the vote, talked to her fans inviting them to vote. 

3. New song

The subtle revelation

With a funny clothing mannequin she wrote tiny the caption answering the question when will be her new song released, and it will be on November. She also said that the design will be made in the color orange.

For a Saturday, it was a really active day for the artist. Fans are already asking to be the next President of the United States! Fans are really crazy! So as we! 

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