BTS' V smiling in a nice outfit. BTS' V smiling in a nice outfit.

What BTS' V wants in a girlfriend

Is Taehyung in a relationship? Managers say that V is single, but he won't be for long. There are countless girls all over the world who want to be with him. Read below to find out what are the characteristics of his ideal type!

  • Kim Taehyung has the biggest K-pop following right now, with over 20 million fans.
  • V is known for his electric smile and a height of 5'9 ft.
  • He revealed that he is ready to date, and he wants a relationship.

BTS' V is undoubtedly one of the most charming men of the 21st century. His adorable smile brightens up his gorgeous face even more. Kim Taehyung is always respectful and kind towards everyone, especially their fans, the Army fandom. The list of reasons of why he's so lovable is endless.

BTS' V smiling while wearing a cute headband.

He is a total catch!  He has a bubbly personality that makes millions of girls from all over the world smile. Who can blame them? V could be the perfect partner. 

1. Someone who appreciates hard work

BTS V is smiling.

V values a girl who knows how to save the money he earned. He is a very loyal person and thinks about long-term relationships. That's why he wants his girl to also be committed to him and plan their future spending well. He is also hoping she will stop him from spontaneously shopping too much. What a mature guy!

2. Someone with a nice personality 

Kim Taehyung in a suit.

Kim Taehyung has told the ARMY many times in the past that he likes girls who are nice. He does not care about a girl's looks that much. He wants to be with someone that is pleasant to talk to and has happy vibes. 

3. Someone who cares about him deeply

BTS' V in his new music video called Butter.

No one can match the undying support and love ARMY gives Kim Taehyung. So of course, V's girl should be his biggest fan. She should be there for him and pay attention to all of his adorable wishes. The 25-year-old singer is single right now, but we should be prepared for when he changes his mind! 
What else do you think Kim Taehyung would want in a girl? Check out why is he the most lovable member of BTS in the video below!


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