Romance Thai dramas for you Romance Thai dramas for you

Thai romance dramas every fan must watch to fall in love with them

Thailand has quite a few dramas for fans and here we recommend some romance ones for you

There are many dramas you can watch and from different countries, like Thailand, which drama from this country will you watch today? Here we have some recommendations full of romance.

Drama fans have a lot of options to watch at any time and this type of series is not limited to one genre or country. Although we can say that dramas from Korea, China and Japan are among the most popular, the truth is that there are more productions in other countries that we also love.

Like Thailand, which also generates the best productions for fans, with original stories, plots and characters that take us on new adventures. In this type of series you will also find a lot that you will love and you will fill your watchlist with many renewed options to watch them at any time.

And we know very well that stories of love and romance are among the favorites of the public, those that melt the hearts of the fan. So that's why Thailand has many dramas with this theme, which will make you completely fall in love with their characters and stories. You will wish to have something as romantic as in the series.

So here we recommend some Thai romance dramas that will make you feel butterflies in your stomach. Live their beautiful love stories.

5 Thai romance dramas with beautiful love stories

1. Kiss Me

Year: 2017
Starring Mike Angelo and Aom Sushar

This drama is about a popular, hadsome and smart guy who makes a girl fall in love with him, but maybe she's kinda oppsote to him since she has bad grades and seems innocent. She falls in love at first sight, how will she conquer his heart?

Kiss Me | Twitter: @dramaniac92

You better watch 'Kiss Me' which has a lovely story. 

2. U-Prince: The crazy Artist

Year: 2017
Starring Kunchanuj Kengkarnka and Note Panayanggool

This Thai drama shows us a lot of stories on its episodes, each one is different and you'll get to know different kinds of love and ways of loving, you'll like these stories.

Watch 'U-Prince: The crazy Artist' and all of its stories.

3. Girl2K

Year: 2021
Starring Sushar Manaying and Jumpol Adulkittiporn

This drama is about a woman who is immortal, she's been living in this world for 2k years and even if she has tried, she just can't die. Until someone tells her that if she finds the love of her life she'll be a mortal.

Girl2K | Twitter: @WeGotLoves

You'll love 'Girl2K' and maybe she'll be mortal soon with love.

4. Love Destiny

Year: 2017
Starring Ranee Campen and Thanawat Wattanapoom

This drama is about an archeologist who travels to the past accidentally. But it's not her, she appears in the body of another girl who wasn't good with people around her, now the archeologist will make everyone fall in love with her.

'Love Destiny' has an amazing story you need to watch.

5. My Forever Sunshine

Year: 2020
Starring Mark Prin and Kao Supassara

This is a typical 'love to hate' story, where a couple gets to meet each other but they might be kinda opposite to the other. An accident causes them to hate each other but after 4 years these feelings might change.

My Forever Sunshine | Twitter: @DANS12700191

You need to watch 'My Forever Sunshine'

We have more dramas for you, here we recommend som Chinese BL dramas which have a lot of love too.

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