Idols from Thailand Idols from Thailand

Thai idols who are among the most loved stars in K-Pop

Did you know that there are a lot of idols who traveled from Thailand to debut?  Meet some of the most beloved in K-Pop

K-Pop agencies always hold auditions even outside of Korea, so some of our favorite idol groups have members from different nationalities, who are the most loved Thai idols?

The opportunity given to young artists within K-Pop is increasing. And it is that the agencies of this musical genre usually hold auditions even outside of Korea, reaching countries such as China, the United States, Japan, Australia and Thailand, for example.

This is why in our favorite idol groups we can find super diverse artists, there are girl groups and boy bands with members of different nationalities. A lot of new trainees travel from other parts of the world to Korea to start preparing and soon debut in a band.

And this is not an easy task at all, since many of them must learn Korean to be able to live in the country, perhaps sometimes they struggle to be accepted or understood. But at the end of the day, all their effort and work ends up paying off as they become idols and receive all the love and support from millions of fans.

So here we have some Thai idols who have conquered us with their great talents in K-Pop and are among the most loved in the musical genre, did your fav idol travel from Thailand to shine?

8 Idols from Thailand who have become our favorite ones in K-Pop


Lisa from BLACKPINK is probably the most popular and loved Thai idol, she traveled all the way from Thailandia in order to join YG Entertainment as a trainee and then she totally nailed it. Now is one of the best K-Pop female artists.

Lisa is fromThailand | Twitter: @cyanblink

2. GOT7's BamBam

Our beloved BamBam, he also traveled all the way from Thailand to join JYP Entertainment, then he debuted as a GOT7 idol. Now he has a career as a soloist too! He's truly talented.

BamBam from GOT7 is a Thai idol | Twitter: @doublebeom

3. (G)-IDLE's Minnie

(G)-IDLE has its own Thai idol, Minnie is from the Thai line too! She was born in Bangkok and she's a  97' liner just like BamBam and Lisa too! Thai idols who are the same age <3.

Minnie came from Thailand to shine | Twitter: @Gidle_updates

4. NCT's Ten

Ten from NCT is a Thai idol too, he was born and raised in Thailand even if he has Chinese roots too! He's an amazing mix, don't you think? Here we have his real name, Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul.

Ten is from Thailand | Twitter: @allfor10ve

5. Sorn

Sorn used to be a CLC member, but now the group disbanded. It doesn't matter, she'll still charm us with her great musical abilities, and did you know that she's from Thailand too?

Sorn is a Thai idol | Twitter: @CLC_INA

6. GHOST9's Prince

GHOST9 has a diversity of idols and we'll find Prince there, a young artist whose real name is Pasidh Vataniyapramote. He's a really good singer and dancer, he stole a lot of fans' hearts.

Prince is a young Thai idol | Twitter: @prince9pics

7. Beauty Box's Jerin

In Beauty Box we'll find idols from Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and of cours Thailand, their Thai member is Jerin, a talented and young singer and dancer.

Jerin from Beauty Box is from Thailand | Twitter: @Mihxxe

8. NINE.i's Winnie

NINE.i is a new K-Pop boy group in which we can find all of the talent fo Winnie, a Thai idol who sings, raps and dances for this great idol group.

Winnie is another Thai idol | Twitter: @NINE_i_Firstone

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