Jungkook and Taemin Jungkook and Taemin

Talented K-Pop Maknaes with the most powerful stage presence

K-Pop Idols work really hard to achieve perfect performances. These artists are the youngest in their group and they will rob your heart with their shows.

As you may know, all the K-Pop artists spent too many years practicing to be part of a group. Because of this reason, the quality of their shows is amazing.

Today we are talking about some Maknaes -the youngest of their groups- that stand out for their extraordinary charisma on the stage. Their presence is perfect to make your jaw drop.

The best stage presence of K-Pop Maknaes 


Every single style can be dominated by Lisa. Her attitude while dancing and raping is amazing. She is a super talented lady.


Again we're talking about another unbelievable dancer. SEVENTEEN is famous for its flawless performances. Dino stands out because of his dancing skill and brilliant control on stage. His energy is not a joke!

3. Yuna - ITZY

Since ITZY's debut, Yuna drew the attention of the public for her facial expression. She is truly enjoying her performance, also we enjoy her show as much as she does.

4. Jungkook - BTS

Whos is the Golden Maknae? Yes, Jungkook has to be here. This all-rounded Idol can conquer the most important scenarios of the world.

5. Taemin - SHINee

Taemin also has a really successful career as good as SHINee's one. His facial expressions and dance moves are always on point. For sure, one of the best dancers in the industry.

What other maknae should be on this list?

One of the factors that we love the most about K-Pop is the stunning outfits and the hairstyles. Let's see who Idols look the best with pink hair.

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