Talented K-Pop Idols from Australia that are conquering the world

Despite singing in Korean, not all the Idols have this nationality. These Aussies singers are conquering the K-Pop world.

At the begging of the Hallyu wave, almost all K-Pop singers were Korean. However, the groups of the second generation change this aspect gradually. The music was spreading all over the Asian countries and the labels released that having foreign artists would be helpful.

In the early days, there were just Japanese and Chinese Idols. With time this industry opened its doors for singers from almost all the nationalities. Nowadays, we can find no-Korean Idols in almost all the groups of the current generation.

Let's get this straight, most of the 'foreigner' Idols have Asian heritage. Anyways, the K-Pop right now is taking a big important place in the global music industry and the entertainment agencies know that they also have to change.

Today we are talking about those Australian K-Pop artists that are already conquering not just the Korean public but the whole global market. We love all of them! Let's see who is on the list!

The most famous Australian K-Pop Idols


BLACKPINK's Rose was born in New Zealand, however, she grew up in Melbourne. Her adorable accent is deeply loved by BLINK.

Her unique and sweet voice is an important factor in the massive success of the group. We're so happy that she moved to Korea to be a YG Entertainment trainee.

Rose for Vogue / Twitter @BPINKLATINO

2. Jake - ENHYPEN

The young Idol was born in South Korea but he grew up in Australia. Eventually, Jake went back to pursue his dream of becoming a singer.

ENHYPEN's Jake / Twitter @ENHYPEN_JP

3. Lily - NMIXX

Lily's dad is Australian and her mom is Korean. She was born in Victoria, Australia. This talented singer just made her debut with NMIXX a few months ago but her beautiful voice will be conquering the global public pretty soon.

NMIXX's Lily / Twitter @NMIXX_Hispano

4. Bang Chan - STRAY KIDS

The leader of STRAY KIDS was born in South Korea but he moved to Australia when he was a child. STAY already know that Bang Chan mixes the language a lot, he talks in English and Korean almost at the same time.

STRAY KIDS' Bang Chan / Twitter @Denise41529

5. Felix - STRAY KIDS

Finally, let's talk about the iconic deep voice of STRAY KIDS. Felix was born in Sidney and just like his teammate, he moved to Korea to be a trainee in JYP Entertainment.

STRAY KIDS' Felix / Twitter @lvelyxx

K-Pop Idols come from all the countries. Here are those who were born in the United States.

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