Taiwanese dramas on Viki for you Taiwanese dramas on Viki for you

Taiwanese dramas you can watch on Viki, check out these series with different stories

Viki has a lot of dramas in its catalogue, did you know that it also has Taiwanese dramas? Here we have the best ones

There are always new series that we can enjoy, did you know that there are also dramas from Taiwan? Here we recommend some available on Viki.

Although there are dramas that have become more popular than others, the truth is that all the countries in Asia have great options for the fans of these series. We know that many fans enjoy productions made in China, Korea or Japan but they are not the only ones that we can watch.

And thanks to digital platforms like Viki, we can find a greater variety of Asian series. This site and app is amazing, it is specialized in programs from different countries in Asia. In this place we not only find dramas, but also some variety shows and even movies.

On Viki we can also see dramas from Taiwan, did you know that there are also productions made in that place? They have very original and fun plots, the best characters for fans of the series and much more that we have loved to enjoy. The best thing is that on this platform you can see them with quality and subtitles.

So here we recommend some Taiwanese dramas available on Viki, enjoy the best of these series that could become your favorites.

6 Taiwanese Dramas available on Viki, here we have the best stories for you

1. Murphy's Law of Love

Year: 2015
Starring Danson Tang and Ivelyn Lee

Murphy's Law says that Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, so this can also apply to love and in this story a love guru will try to reunite soul mates, what will stand in her way?

Viki has the full story of 'Murphy's Law of Love' for you.

2. Before We Get Married

Year:  2019
Starring Jasper Liu and Puff Guo

This drama is about a couple of friends who are about to marry their respective partners, but the closer their wedding dates get, the more they start to have feelings for each other. Will they forget about their fiancés and start a new romance together?

Before We Get Married | Twitter: @Sun_shineBeauty

'Before We Get Married' has a great story you can watch on Viki.

3. Just You

Year: 2013
Starring Aaron Yan and Puff Guo

This story is about a man who returns from New York to Taiwan and decides to buy a company and a house. The sad thing is that a woman lives in the house who refuses to leave her and everything gets worse when he realizes that she also works for her new company, but could love also be born there?

Follow the story of 'Just You' on Viki.

4. Lost Romance

Year: 2020
Starring Vivian Sung and Marcus Chang

This series is about a romance novel publisher who dreams of marrying the CEO of the company in front of her office. One day everything changes because she finds herself trapped between one of the love novels that she usually publishes and her love will be precisely the man of her dreams, although with a very different personality.

Lost Romance | Twitter: @K_eggie

Watch 'Lost Romance' on Viki since it has a great story. 

5. Attention, Love!

Year: 2017
Starring Wang Zi and Joanne Tseng

In this Taiwanese drama, we meet a couple of people who were destined to be together since they were born. Despite being polar opposites, they finally meet in high school and they will actually realize that they complement each other and love will be a great reality.

Viki has 'Attention, Love!' for you to watch it.

6. Love Myself or You?

Year: 2014
Starring: Jasper Liu and Puff Guo

In this story we will meet a chef who loves to read comics and her life seems very calm, but everything changes when her new neighbor begins to make her life impossible. After she also finds out that he will work in the same restaurant as her, but he has a secret, will it be found out?

Love Mysefl or You? | Twitter: @OIXMS

You'll have a lot of fun watching 'Love Myself or You?' on Viki. 

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