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Taiwanese BL Dramas you can find on Viki, watch all these stories

BL dramas have great adventures for fans, here are some from Taiwan that you can watch on Viki

Taiwan has a lot of dramas and even BLs that you will love with their stories, here are some that are available on Viki.

Viki is a cool platform specialized in Asian dramas. This website and app has among its catalog series from Korea, Japan, China, Thailand and also Taiwan. So there are endless options for fans who enjoy this type of series, it's just great.

Because even though maybe Korean or Chinese dramas are more popular, the truth is that other places like Taiwan also produce great dramas that we can watch. And the best thing is to find them on a secure platform, with subtitles and in good quality.

And it is that Viki also has free and premium plans, so you can watch some series without having to pay. And as we said before, there are a lot of Taiwanese dramas on this site, it's great. In these we find stories of love, fantasy, action, among many other themes.

Or Taiwanese BL dramas which are the ones with romance stories starring two guys who start to develop feelings for each other and these are really interesting. Here we recommend some BL dramas that you can watch Viki, they are series from Taiwan, remember that.

7 Taiwanese BL Dramas available on Viki for you to watch

1. Dark Blue and Moonlight

Year: 2017
Starring Chen Yan Ming and Wang Ting Yun

This drama is about a boy who goes to the pool and finds the most handsome man he has ever seen in his life, being shy he cannot talk to him, but it seems that the other is also interested in him and soon they will start talking and getting along How will their love story be?

Dark Blue and Moonlight | Twitter: @goodxvxbesonly

'Dark Blue and Moonlight' is available on Viki. 

2. Bro and Me

Year: 2019
Starring Joe Hsieh, Yeh Ching Han and Yu Jie En

This drama is about a boy who always looked up to his neighbor as a role model, looked up to him a lot, and wanted to be like him. His world collapses when he goes to live abroad but a year later she comes back and becomes his tutor, he is happy living with that boy until a woman comes between them.

You can watch the funny story of 'Bro and Me'.

3. DNA says love you

Year: 2022
Starring Lin Hui Min y Huang Hsin Hao

In this BL drama we see a guy who works in a coffee shop, but he sounds like a popular YouTuber but his videos are not of good quality. One day a boy who studies photography arrives and offers advice and other things to improve his channel and soon they will start spending more time together.

DNA Says Love You | Twitter: @eu_assisti

'DNA says love you' is a BL drama available on Viki. 

4. See You After Quarantine?

Year: 2021
Starring Kawai Akihiro and Lance Chiu

In this series, a translator and a student meet through social networks, they both live in Taiwan and the pandemic has made them have a life from home. Soon they will begin to get to know each other better and develop feelings for each other.+

Watch the lovely story of 'See You After Quarantine?' on Viki.

5. Plus and Minus

Year: 2022
Starring Shi Cheng Hao and Max Lin

In this drama we meet a couple of boys who have been friends all their lives, little by little they have become closer and closer and now they are almost like brothers. But as they begin to work together they find that their feelings may not be brotherly and love may be blossoming in both of them.

Plus and Minus | Twitter: @bldramastowatch

We loved 'Plus and Minus' which you can watch on Viki. 

6. Because Of You 2020

Year: 2020
Starring Lee Si Kang and Muji Hsu

This is the story of the three Yuan brothers who have grown up well, lacking nothing. But adulthood can bring them new experiences and obstacles to go through, how will they overcome them?

Watch 'Because Of You 2020' on Viki.

7. Be Loved In House: I Do

Year: 2021
Starring Aaron Lai and Hank Wang

This BL drama is about a company that is about to go bankrupt, but luckily they find someone who will put them on the path to success again. He arrives as a boss and has a rule: No romantic relationships are allowed between workers, but what will happen when he falls in love with an employee?

Be Loved In House: I Do | Twitter: @Argus_Persa

You need to watch 'Be Loved In House: I Do' on Viki.

Keep watching more dramas, here we have some BL K-Dramas if you love this kind of series, these are available on Viki too! 

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