Best TXT songs to make you feel better Best TXT songs to make you feel better

TXT songs that will brighten your day and lift your spirits

TXT has some songs that will make you feel better on those down days

Sometimes we need a good song to feel even a little bit better and TXT has some that make MOA's heart race with a lot of hope.

TXT is an amazing K-Pop group that has managed to catch the attention of many fans. Their songs and performances are simply great and they show how much each of the members of the idol group shines every time they go on stage and delight their audience.

There is a lot that we can find in Tomorrow X Together and MOA knows it. This is one of the biggest fandoms that grows a little more and never stops showing their love and support for the boy band in every comeback or project that they know is important.

But not only does MOA love TXT with great intensity, the group's idols have taken it upon themselves to let their fan club know that the love is fully reciprocated. Tomorrow X Together adores each of their fans who faithfully show their support.

This is why through their songs, TXT has left great messages for their fans. Perhaps on those sad or hopeless days, they will completely lift your spirits and fill you with hope.

5 energetic TXT songs that will brighten up your days

1. Wishlist

'Wishlist' is a song from the mini album 'Minisode 1: Blue Hour' released in 2020 by TXT. This track has a light rock that will fill you with energy and flirty lyrics that you will not be able to take off from your mind, it will make you smile.

2. Drama

For the album 'Still Dreaming', TXT released the song 'Drama', with a fun beat that will make you dance, so it will brighten up your day a little when you feel a little blue.

3. Your Light

From the beginning of 'Your Light' you will feel much better, its rhythm is at the top and the voices of the idols of Tomorrow X Together will make you feel butterflies in your stomach, you will feel happier with this good song.

4. Can't We Just Leave The Monster Alive?

In the album 'The Dream Chapter: Magic' that TXT released in 2019 we can find their song 'Can't We Just Leave The Monster Alive?' that promises that everything will be alright, so just energize yourself with this song.

5. Magic

'Magic' has these soft funky sounds that perfectly adorn the voices of TXT members, this song is just great so listen to it to improve your day.

Add these songs to your playlist that will make you feel better on sad days and will make you feel even happier on happy days <3.

If you want more songs for your list on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer or any other digital platform, here we recommend some songs that K-Pop rappers have released as solo artists. 

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