The best about Good Boy Gone Bad by TXT The best about Good Boy Gone Bad by TXT

TXT releases Good Boy Gone Bad, what's the best about this new MV?

TXT's comeback is finally here, with Thursday Child the group showed off their new music, what's the best thing about the title track Good Boy Gone Bad?

TXT gets better with each comeback and 'Good Boy Gone Bad' is a great proof of that, here we tell you all our favorite things about this new MV.

TXT is a young K-Pop group that has quickly gained prominence in the industry. And it is that its members are extremely talented and dedicated to their songs and presentations. There are more and more fans of this group who do not hesitate to show all their love and support for the idol group.

This is why Tomorrow X Together is concerned with continuing to release the best for its fans and this time it did so with 'Thursday's Child'. This is the new TXT album in which we can find 5 new songs that are already becoming MOA's favorites.

The title track of this new TXT album is 'Good Boy Gone Bad' and for this, the idol group has released a new MV. Just a few hours after its premiere, it already has almost 3 million views on YouTube, everyone is loving this new song from the idol group.

Have you watched the new MV for 'Good Boy Gone Bad' yet? Here we tell you all our favorite things about it that will simply make you love TXT more.

Everything we love about TXT's Good Boy Gone Bad MV

1. The concept

This time, TXT follows a dark concept which we loved, even in the teasers for this comeback. They had this rockstars looks which we loved so much, it was just amazing.

2. The music

This new TXT song is Pop Rock at its finest, it mixes both genrer pretty well and it fits with the concept, we love the sound, the beats, riffs and more that we can hear throughout the song.

3. The Lyrics

The lyrics talk about a great change due to the pain and sadness that was born in our protagonists, perhaps the rejection, the lies and more that is narrated in the song was what made them 'evil' but it can also be a sign of freedom.

Gouge you out from my heart
Bleeding out the traces of you
Love is a lie, I loved that lie

4. The performance

TXT had its comeback show with 'Good Boy Gone Bad' and its just amazing, we loved the performance, it has such a cool coreography and also the intro was pretty good.

What was your favorite thing about this TXT's comeback? Wasn't it just amazing? There are more songs you can listen to on the album 'Thursday's Child', stream it!

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