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TXT breakup songs that everyone can relate to, are you ready to shed tears?

Tomorrow x Together music is really versatile. The group has released some great songs about sad love stories. These are the best ones!

MOA loves how fierce TXT is on stage. For their latest album these Idols showed a powerful performance with "Good Boy Gone Bad".

However, the fanatic love when the members share their vulnerable side through their music. They are pretty good at it. After listening to these songs you could be shedding some tears. Everyone can relate to a breakup story.

Let's the best of Tomorrow x Together breakup music.

The best TXT breakup songs to cry with the members

1. LO$ER=LO♡ER - 2021

The melody of this song is strong, even you can think that is not about love. It describe some opposite feelings of a lover. 

The lyrics show how frustrated they are for a relationship that seems to be finished but they are still in love.Their ego told them to leave the relationship but it is not easy to do it. Such a great song!

2. Anti-Romantic - 2021

After some painful experiences believe in love again is pretty difficult. With this addictive song TXT explores the feeling of being afraid to be in love with someone because of the past.

3. Lonely Boy - 2022

"Minisode 2: Thursday's Child" is an album with various breakup songs. However, maybe the most emotional one is Lonely Boy.

Is really difficult to end a realationship and face loneliness.This melody is beautiful and perfect to cry a moment, let everything out and move on.

Now that you are leaving behind the sad moment a playlist to make you feel  powerful will be great. These female artists have the best songs for you.

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