TWICE's hardest coreographies TWICE's hardest coreographies

TWICE's most difficult choreographies, can you dance cover them?

TWICE's presence on stage is simply amazing, do you know what the most difficult choreographies of the girl group are?

TWICE not only proves that all of their members are amazing singers, they also do an outstanding job as dancers, and their most difficult choreography proves it.

TWICE is a group full of multi-talented girls who have always proven their great perform both in the studio and on stage. Their songs and concerts have made millions of people completely fall in love with these cool idols. And they are not only good singers.

This girl group also has agile and creative female rappers and dancers with the best moves, always in sync. This is why we love watching TWICE's performances or behind the scenes of their MVs. It's also great for ONCE to see when they release the practice or choreography video for their songs.

So we can see in more detail how good these artists are at executing their choreographies. They really have a great power on stage that develops from the moment they create and practice the choreography for their songs, even if they are moving or with slower beats, they are all perfectly executed.

But what are TWICE's most difficult choreographies? The idol group has some dance steps that only with a lot of practice someone who is not professional in dancing could achieve.

6 of the TWICE's hardest choreographies

1. More & More

For the album 'More & More' TWICE released a song with the same name and in their performance we can see how difficult this choreography is. Of course, the girls master her very well after practicing a lot but she has quite difficult steps.

2. Alcohol Free

Although 'Alcohol Free' from TWICE's Taste of Love album is not such a fast or energetic song, the truth is that since it has a slower beat, the steps must be extremely precise, therein lies the difficulty of its choreography.

3. I Can't Stop Me

We will find 'I Can't Stop Me' by TWICE on their album 'Eyes Wide Open', its choreography is quite difficult and could be tiring, it has very high beats and fast movements in various parts that show that it would be difficult to perform this dance without much prior practice.

4. Feel Special

'Feel Special' is a great song by TWICE, it has become one of ONCE's favorites, but its choreography is not easy at all. And it is that not only the individual steps have their degree of difficulty, but also synchronizing with more girls to achieve a great execution intervene in this choreography.

5. Yes or Yes

Another quite difficult choreography from TWICE is 'Yes or Yes', it might not seem like it, but it takes great precision, energy and practice to complete this choreography.

6. Fancy

In addition to 'Fancy' being a tremendous hit for TWICE, it also has some pretty difficult choreography. We love the dance covers of this track, but we know how difficult it is for ONCE to have learned this choreography.

If you know any of these TWICE choreographies, we want to congratulate you because it shouldn't have been easy to learn all the steps to be able to do a dance cover.

Keep reading more about TWICE and its members, like Dahyun who has a special talent that makes her so unique. 

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