Nayeon debuted with POP! Nayeon debuted with POP!

TWICE's Nayeon finally debuted as a solo artist and POP! is just amazing

Nayeon's debut solo is finally here and she wowed us with 'POP!' What is the best thing about this TWICE idol's debut?

Nayeon has become a solo artist, the TWICE member released 'Im Nayeon' and its title track is 'POP!', what do we like the most about this new release?

TWICE is a K-Pop group with extremely talented girls, including Im Nayeon, who spent quite a bit of time as a trainee at JYP Entertainment before debuting. She was even part of 6mix, a project that had to be canceled due to the fact that 3 of those who would be part of it quit before its debut.

But with TWICE, Nayeon has shined brightly, her great singing and dancing has combined perfectly with her other 8 members who have achieved something explosive together. Nayeon also has a beautiful personality and great charisma that has completely conquered ONCE.

Nayeon is a really talented girl and has amazing musical abilities, whenever she records in the studio or performs on stage, she gives her best. And in TWICE's Melody Project she has also shown more of her talents individually. This is why ONCE really wanted her to debut as a solo artist.

And finally Nayeon debuted as a solo artist with 'Im Nayeon' and its title track 'POP!', we love everything about this new song and its MV but here we have the best of this TWICE member's solo debut.

The best things about Nayeon's solo debut with POP!

1. The MV

Nayeon prepared a colorful MV for POP!, we love how bright it is and that it also features a lot of contrasts. Her concept is fun and fresh, we really loved this music video.

2. The rhythm

We are sure that 'POP!' It will make you dance intensely because it has a great rhythm, the beats and others come together perfectly to make this super catchy track, we loved this too.

3. The lyrics

Woah! The lyrics are also very cool, it tells us about this Nayeon that we loved she really charmed us with her charms, so we are in the palm of her hand and under her control.

Baby you’re out of control
So you’re under my control
Before the fluttering stops
I wanna make it
Pop pop pop, you want it

4. The performance

Nayeon already had her first performance with 'POP!', the idol took the Music Bank stage with her new song and we loved everything about the stage and the choreography, it was super cool and special.

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