Fun facts about TWICE's Mina Fun facts about TWICE's Mina

TWICE's Mina fun facts that will allow you to know more about this idol

Mina is one of the members of TWICE that you can get to know better through these facts

Who is TWICE's Mina? Learn all about this member of the girl group with some fun facts that will reveal her secrets to you.

Mina Sharon Myoi was born on March 24, 1997, today she is best known for being part of TWICE, a JYP Entertainment girl group with great popularity within the K-Pop industry. Mina trained as a dancer from a very young age, although her dream was not exactly to become an idol.

Mina joined JYP Entertainment in 2014 and in 2015 she participated in the reality show 'Sixteen', in which the top 9 contestants were chosen to be part of TWICE. In that same year she debuted as part of the girl group and shone like no one else next to her groupmates.

Mina's specialty is dancing as it was what she worked on since before she joined JYP. Her skills are amazing and she is also a great singer that ONCE admires endlessly. In addition, we can also highlight the great beauty of this artist, her visuals are just amazing.

Want to know more about TWICE's Mina? Here we have some fun facts to learn more about this idol, know her secrets through some random facts.

5 fun facts about Mina from TWICE, get to know more about this idol

1. What is Mina's MBTI?

Mina took the MBTI test and turned out to have the ISFP-T personality, making her a peaceful and easy-going person; she enjoys gaining experiences at her own pace and tends to live in the moment. People with this personality are usually quiet, pleasant, considerate, and attentive.

Mina's MBTI | Twitter: @MIN4LOOKS

2. What is TWICE's Mina's nationality?

TWICE's Mina has dual nationality: American and Japanese, this is because she was born in Texas, but her parents are from Japan and she lived in this second country during her childhood and adolescence before moving to Korea to start her training time.

Mina's nacionalities | Twitter: @twixitzy

3. How did JYP Entertainment recruit Mina?

Mina was shopping with her mom in Osaka, Japan when a JYP Entertainment employee approached her and offered her an audition. This is how she moved to Korea to be a trainee of this K-Pop agency and soon she would be a part of TWICE.

Predebut Mina | Twitter: @shaminaron

4. What health problems did Mina have?

In 2019, it was announced that Mina would be leaving TWICE for a while on hiatus due to sudden and extreme anxiety and insecurity issues related to performing on stage. Then she was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. She returned to the group in 2020 as she was feeling better.

Mina faced her anxiety | Twitter: @jeongmisource

5. What are Mina's favorite things?

Mina loves Harry Potter and her favorite character is Hermione, she likes snacks, ketchup and her fav colors are purple and indigo. In her free time, she often looks up restaurants online and goes shopping.

Mina's favorite stuff | Twitter: @dailymyouiselca

Now you know more about Mina, a complete and admirable artist who has many more secrets for you.

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