These Japanese songs from TWICE are just amazing These Japanese songs from TWICE are just amazing

TWICE's Japanese songs that shouldn't be left out of your playlist

TWICE has a lot of songs in Korean but also in Japanese and ONCE loves them, which one will be your favorite?

The talent of the members of TWICE is not limited by languages and they have conquered their Japanese audience with quite a few songs in that language, here we recommend some.

TWICE is one of the most popular and famous groups in K-Pop, its audience is spread all over the world, and this girl group is known to have a lot of impact in countries like the United States and Japan. So the girls in this band will be looking to completely take over the hearts of fans internationally.

ONCE is one of the biggest fandoms in K-Pop and they never fail to show their love and support for TWICE. This is why the girl group's most recent releases have had great success globally. Positioning it in different music charts and reaching even more listeners in different countries.

But if we focus on Japan, we can think about the audience that TWICE enjoys in that country and in their language. This is why the girl group has released several albums in Japanese. With original songs and versions of others in that language. Thus, in addition, the girls show their amazing skills in another language.

So if you haven't listened to TWICE's Japanese songs, here we recommend some of them so you can add them to your playlists and enjoy all the talents of the idols in Japanese.

7 TWICE Japanese songs to add to your playlist

1. Candy Pop

In 2018 TWICE released 'BDZ', its first Japanese studio album and in it we can find the song 'Candy Pop'. With a sweet tone and all the fun and joy that characterizes this girl group.

2. Pink Lemonade

'Pink Lemonade' is a song that you can find in TWICE's Japanese single 'Wake Me Up', this fun song has a catchy beat that you won't be able to stop listening to.

3. Breakthrough

This song will make you dance, it shows a sound just as fun as the others, but perhaps in a more mature way, not forgetting each of the talents of the TWICE girls that are reflected in 'Breakthrough'.

4. Stronger

In TWICE's '&TWICE' album repackage, you can find 'Stronger', a Japanese song that will lift your spirits with the strong beats and big voices of this girl group members.

5. Scorpion

'Scorpion' is a song contained in TWICE's Japanese album 'BETTER', this is a great song that shows us how much TWICE experiments in their Japanese productions.

6. Strawberry Moon

'Kura Kura' is another release from TWICE for Japan, in this we will find 'Strawberry Moon', an adventurous song that you will simply love. It has these sexy vibes that will make you dance.

7. Four-Leaf Clover

In 2021, TWICE released their Japanese album 'Perfect World', in this you will have a cute song full of love and more emotions with 'Four-Leaf Clover', so add it to your playlist.

You already have many more TWICE songs for you, they all have different moods but the great talent and charisma of the idols in each track.

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