All Chaeyoung's tattoos by TWICE All Chaeyoung's tattoos by TWICE

TWICE's Chaeyoung tattoos and the meanings behind them

TWICE, despite its innocent image, has members who like tattoos, we tell you who they are

Tattoos in Korea used to be a cause of prejudice, and although in the K-pop world they are still censored sometimes, tattoos nowadays are not as much of a problem as they used to be.

TWICE being a girl group with an innocent image, it would never occur to us that any of the members would have tattoos, but just as you read it, Chaeyoung has them and yet her sweet and tender image has not changed. We tell you about the meaning of these body modifications.

What do Chaeyoung's tattoos mean? 

1. Carrots

Our dear Chaeyoung has 4 carrots imprinted on her body, although she has never revealed what they mean, ONCE suppose it could be Nayeon since her partner in TWICE has a stuffed bunny named Kkaengi. 

Twitter @twice_is_1ove / Carrots tattoo

2. Cherry tomatoes

On the singer's left arm you can see two small cherry tomatoes, ONCE believes it could be Mina as she loves ketchup sauce.

Twitter @twice_is_1ove / Cherry Tomatoes tattoo

3. Heart 

Below her ear, the singer has a red heart with a black arrow through it, which could indicate her love for music, although she has not clarified its meaning either.

Twitter @Hursheyz / Heart Tattoo

4. Fish

Chaeyoung has a tattoo that she designed herself, it is a puffer fish fused with an angelfish. Possibly this could mean the cycle of some cycle or energy as these animals represent the current.

Twitter @Hursheyz / Fish Tattoo

5. Cage 

The singer also has an open cage tattooed on her left arm, there is also no precise meaning however it could symbolize freedom as the cage is empty.

Twitter @Hursheyz / Cage tattoo

6. Plant 

One of the singer's biggest tattoos is a plant on her arm, although its meaning remains a mystery.

Instagram @immaprotect_allmyninjas / Plant Tattoo

7. Lips

This tattoo is on her left wrist, it is believed that she got this tattoo during her vacations in Barcelona. The lips have the official colors of TWICE so fans suggest that this tattoo is a representation of her group and how important it is to her.

Twitter @twice_is_1ove / Lip Tattoo

8. Musical Symbol

Above the carrot tattoo we mentioned above. Chaeyoung surprised us with a symbol of musical notes and it is a symbol that represents a pause in a score, perhaps this tattoo represents the music in the singer's life. 

Twitter @TheTwiceAndOnce / Chaeyoung has several tattoos

9. Constellation

Ido has a constellation tattoo in several colors, fans believe that this may represent her family. 

Twitter @TwiceChileJYP / Constellation Tattoo

10. Flowers

Chaeyoung also has flower tattoos on her fingers with bright colors, although their real meaning is unknown.

Twitter @twicexrn / Flowers Tattoo

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