TWICE for 'Breakthrough' TWICE for 'Breakthrough'

TWICE songs with girl crush concept to make you feel powerful

Even though TWICE members are famous because of their cheerful concept the Idols also can perform perfectly the girl crush concept. You need these songs on your playlist.

How would you describe TWICE? Playful, fresh, lovely and energetic are some of their best features and the reasons why the public loves them.

Anyway, the career of the singers of "TT" is wide as the ocean. The members work a lot to release multiple songs every year. Eventually the group used the girl crush concept. Those moments are not that common so, we have a compilation of the best TWICE songs where the girls were really confident and empowered. Are you ready?

The best TWICE songs with girl crush concept

1. I CAN'T STOP ME (2020)

Let's begin with a hit. I CAN'T STOP ME explore the idea of temptation. In the music video we can see two versions of the members, their pure side sitting in front of their dark version.

There is a fine line between what we want and what we should do. Listen to this song to appreciate how TWICE talk about this dilemma.

2. CRY FOR ME (2020)

This is a breakup song that follows the story of a mad girl who wants to see her ex boyfriend crying.

In CRY FOR ME the members performed to show a more mature side of themselves. They look so elegant and strong at the same time.

3. Perfect World (2021)

The grand finale is with Perfect World. Maybe this song is the most powerful in TWICE's career. It is a strong rejection track to finishing a bad relationship. Just check the words: "I not going to give up my life for you"

Some fans think the music video for this Japanese single includes a warning to the stalker asking for respect to the privacy of the members. What do you think? Judge by yourself.

Do you like these songs? We love TWICE under the girl crush image.

Do you know the TWICE Melody project? We have the best songs for you.

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