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TWICE perfect songs to enjoy at the beach

TWICE has tons of hits. We have the best options for the beach playlist! What is the best song of the group for the hot days?

Now the temperature is getting warmer. On the hottest days we start to plan a lot of stuff. Vacation at the beach is a classic that never fails. If you're going to have a good time you need a good playlist.

All the hits of TWICE can guarantee your mood is gonna be better. The members had offered tropical songs that fit perfectly for the beach. We have for you a selected list with the best song of this amazing K-Pop group for your vacations. Let's dive into it!

TWICE songs for you beach playlist

1. Dance The Night Away - 2018

If you want to have a fun time, this song is the one you're looking for. On the Music Video we can see the girls in a desert island. Even if they are castaways they decide to have a good time. No matter what "Let's Dance the Night Away"

To complete the experience try to imitate the choreography, it's really enjoyable. Check the video here.

2. More & More - 2020

For the hot days we're not recommending the song "More & More", we suggest the whole TWICE album with the same name. All these songs could be good options for your playlist at the beach.

The music video is a hallucinating vision. It takes us to another fantastic world and the members look stunning. Let's see the colorful paradise of the group!

3. Alcohol-Free - 2021

It is a song influenced by latin music. It feels soft but playful at the same time. For this comeback the members showed a more matured side but with the fresh face of TWICE.

Honestly, we can not decide which outfit is the best one for this music video. Every single costume looks amazing for the girls. Do you have a favorite?

What other TWICE  songs should we listen to at the beach?

Did you know the group has the Nation's Girl Group title? We tell you everything

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