Suga is a handsome boy with the best looks Suga is a handsome boy with the best looks

Suga's looks that ARMY loved and we can't get over them yet

BTS' Suga is a great artist but he's also a very handsome guy and these looks stole ARMYs' hearts

Suga is an amazing rapper for BTS, but he's also very handsome and sometimes he looked even more attractive with these looks we can't get over yet.

Suga is one of the members of BTS, he's an amazing rapper, singer and dancer but he won't limit his work to the stage. Yoongi uses to work a lot in the studio too as a songwriter, composer and producer for a lot of songs.

The personality of Min Yoongi is something else we can admire about him, he might look introverted and even cold, but the truth is that this idol has big heart and a funny personality which is reserved for ARMY.

We can't forget about Yoongi's beauty, he's truly handsome, his physical features make ARMY's hearts flutter and that's why a lot of fans chose him as his bias from Bangtan Sonyeondan. We can't help it, he's really attractive.

And there are some Suga's looks which we can't forget about these hairstyles which made him even more handsome or cute.

5 Suga looks that made him even more handsome than he already is

1. Mint Suga

When Suga used to have his hair in a mint color, OMG, we all loved it. He looked so soft and very handsome, we'll say this look was ethereal.

Mint Suga | Twitter: @sugaupdates

2. Pink Suga

Suga looks like a cute cotton candy with his pink hair, ARMY loved it, and there are some photocards with this look which collector fans love.

Pink Suga | Twitter: @minriya18

3. Silver Suga

Suga with silver hair is something out of this world, we truly loved this look on him.

Silver Suga | Twitter: @Just_Melody7

4. Black Suga

Suga's hair is naturally dark and with black hair he looks just too handsome, we love this look on him.

Black Suga | Twitter: @jmygmochis

5. Mullet Suga

Suga looked amazing with his mullet on 'Butter' single photos, we can't forget about him and that photocard with this look must be on ARMY's collection,

Mullet Suga | Twitter: @readersaf

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