Stray Kids Songs to listen to when you're in love

STRAY KIDS might have a lot of powerful songs, but this K-Pop group has also some lovely songs, add them to your playlist

STRAY KIDS is one of the most relevant K-Pop bands at the moment, they have some great music and an amazing stage presence which lead a lot of fans to stan this group without boundaries, thanks to their power and talents, these idols have got a lot of admiration.

We can recognize the essence of SKZ with their songs, always powerful and full of energy, the voices of the members of this boy band are truly awesome and achieve a perfect combination to create the best tracks for STAY, the fandom that supports this idol group.

But there are some STRAY KIDS' songs that reveal more about the feelings of its idols, and these are perfect for those moments when we're falling in love, or we have a deep crush into someone, maybe you can even send one of these tracks to your loved one and spill all of your feelings on them.

4 STRAY KIDS' songs that are full of love and will make you remember your crush

1. Sorry, I Love You

On the album 'NOEASY', we can find 'Sorry, I Love You', a song written by Changbin from STRAY KIDS, maybe this one can help you when you're feeling some unrequited love, but it also works to find more of your feelings in a very cool track.

2. YOU

'YOU' is a STRAY KIDS' song which we listened to on the album 'I Am You', even if this one has a very fast beat, the lyrics show more about love and great feelings, thanking to that someone who has been by your side for a very long time.

3. Here Always

This is a song not performed by all of the members of STRAY KIDS, it's just Seungmin who made 'Here Always' as a part of the OST from the K-Drama 'Hometown Cha Cha Cha', this song is perfect for those moments where you're missing your loved one and want to see them again.

4. 'Cause I Like You

Felix and Changbin made this song together, ''Cause I Like You' is full of deep feelings and love, and it's perfect for you to send this song to your crush and tell them how much you like them, a cute beat that kinda contrasts with the voices of both STRAY KIDS' singers will express better your true feelings.

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