SEVENTEEN's special subunits and their songs SEVENTEEN's special subunits and their songs

Special SEVENTEEN subunit songs that CARAT should add to their playlist

Apart from the Vocal, Performance and Hip-Hop Team, SEVENTEEN has also released songs with other special sub-units

SEVENTEEN has divided the teamwork into 3 sub-units, but sometimes they like to play around with their members and place them in other special units to release more music for CARAT.

SEVENTEEN is an extremely talented group dedicated to music. Each of its members puts all the effort into the songs and performances of the group in each comeback. It's no surprise the success of this boy band having a lineup of brilliant kids in the studio and on stage.

There are 13 members who make up SVT, which is why the internal work has been divided into 3 subunits. The Vocal Team with the specialist singers of the group, the Performance Team with the expert dancers of the band and the Hip-Hop Team with the best rappers of this idol group.

But the truth is that SEVENTEEN always wants to innovate for CARAT and show them new things every time on their albums, it is for these that despite the fact that there are their fixed subunits, the idol group also has special subunits that mix members or put them for certain shared feature.

Perhaps this is not very well understood, but here we have some of the songs of the special subunits that SEVENTEEN has shown for CARAT, do not forget to add all these tracks to your playlist.

12 Songs from SEVENTEEN's special subunits you should listen to

1. Cheers by Leader Line

A special subunit in SEVENTEEN is the Leader Line which are S.Coups, Woozi and Hoshi, the leaders from the fixed subunits in the group, they have released a couple of songs together, but here we have 'Cheers'.

2. Network Love by Foreing Line

As you might know, SEVENTEEN has members from outside Korea, Vernon and Joshua are from the US and Jun and Minghao are from China. The four of them are the Foreing Line which released 'Network Love' for 'An Ode'.

3. Just Do It by BooSeokSoon

BooSeokSoon is a subunit in which we can see Seungkwan, DK and Hoshi working together, they released 'Just Do It', which is an amazing track, they tend to sing this song at weddings. This subunit might have a comeback soon.

4. Still Lonely by Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Vernon and Dino

This subunit doesn't have a name but for 'Love & Letter' Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Vernon and Dino released 'Still Lonely' together, it's a great track and it also has an OT13 version.

5. Ah! Love by 95 Line

SEVENTEEN members also can be reunited by their year of birth, and in the 95 Line we have S.Coups, Jeonghan and Joshua who were born in the same year. For 'Semicolon', an special album, they released together 'Ah! Love' which is a great song.

6. My I by China Line

As we said before, Jun and Minghao are from China and that's why they make up the China Line, they released 'My I' as a special track, it's actually beautiful and has a great choreography. It also has two version, one in Chinese and another one in Korean.

7. Light A Flame by 96 Line

This one is also from 'Semicolon', in which we could get to listen to our four talented boys from 96 Line which is made up of Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo and Woozi. 'Light A Flame' is simply amazing... And it's choreography? OMG! (And also, make Wonu speak more Spanish, pls).

8. 2 MINUS 1 by American Line

Another line with members from the same country, for 'Attacca', SEVENTEEN released a special track in the digital version of the album, '2 MINUS 1' which is a pop-rock song by American Line which are Joshua and Vernon.

9. Hey Buddy by 97 Line

Here we have our three friends from SEVENTEEN's 97 Line, DK, Mingyu and Minghao made 'Hey Buddy' for 'Semicolon', an amazing song about friendship that we all love.

10. Falling For U by Joshua and Jeonghan

Joshua and Jeonghan are both vocalists in SEVENTEEN, and for 'Director's Cut' they sang together, this track is amazing, 'Falling For U' is warm, cute and simply great, we loved this special subunit.

11. Do Re Mi by Maknae Line

SEVENTEEN's Maknae Line is made up of Seungkwan, Vernon and Dino, the first two were born in 1999 and Dino is the real maknae who was born in 1998. However, the three of them gave us 'Do Re Mi', which is a truly great song, it always cheers me up!

12. Bittersweet by Wonwoo and Mingyu

Even if Wonwoo and Mingyu won't have a subunit name, they worked together on 'Bittersweet' and they did it so well together! We all love this amazing song and its concept, and also this duo with a great chemistry.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, like Hoshi who released a new song featuring JK Tiger. 

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