Songs that Lady Gaga wrote for other artists Songs that Lady Gaga wrote for other artists

Songs written by Lady Gaga for other artists, she showed her talent as a lyricist

Maybe one of your favorite songs was written by Lady Gaga and you didn't know it, she has worked for other artists

Lady Gaga's talent is not just limited to her songs, she has also written tracks for other artists, here we have some of our favorite lyrics written by the singer.

Lady Gaga is one of the most beloved artists of the moment, her songs have managed to connect very well with the public. And it is that she has not only seen music as a means of entertainment, but also as a form of expression and thus her ideas get along with a large part of the audience.

The best thing is that Gaga is not limited to just performing her tracks, she has worked as a writer and composer on her releases. Her creativity and ingenuity are endless and every song she releases proves it. This is what makes the messages that we find in each album of this singer more valuable.

Also, Lady Gaga has worked for and with other artists, her collaborations are great. Even with other singers, she fits in very well, completely captivating the fans. She strikes a cool balance with the skills of other stars who have worked with Gaga.

But if that wasn't enough, Lady Gaga has also written songs for other singers and artists, here we have some of them that you may not have known were written by this incredible Pop star.

6 songs you may not have known were co-written by Lady Gaga for other artists

1. Hypnotico by Jennifer Lopez

'Hypnotico' is a bonus track found on the album 'Love?' of Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga collaborated in the writing of this song that was released in 2011.

2. Quick Sand by Britney Spears

Did you know that Lady Gaga has even written songs for Britney Spears? She co-wrote 'Quicksand' with Fernando Garibay, this track was released in the now distant 2008.

3. Elevator by The Pussycat Dolls

The Pussycat Dolls also released a song co-written by Lady Gaga in 2008. It's called 'Elevator'. All 5 girls in this group sang it super well.

4. Fever by Adam Lambert

Lady Gaga's talent in music is not only in women's songs, Adam Lambert also has a track co-written by Gaga, it is 'Fever'.

5. Fashion by Heidi Montag

Lady Gaga always teams up with RedOne and for 'Fashion' it was like that too, they co-wrote this Heidi Montag song, did you know? It's a track maybe quite underground, right?

6. Full Service by New Kids on the Block

Lady Gaga has also worked for  New Kids on the Block, their song 'Full Service' was wirtten by Gaga.

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