Taylor Swift has written for other artists too Taylor Swift has written for other artists too

Songs that Taylor Swift has written for other singers and that you may not have known

Taylor Swift is not only an excellent singer, she is also a talented writer and has lent her lyrics to other artists

A lot of Taylor Swift's songs have been smash hits but she doesn't just write her own tracks, she's also been a lyricist for other singers.

Taylor Swift debuted in the now distant 2006, she showed herself to the public as a pop and country singer who really fascinated the audience from the beginning. Through the years we have been able to notice the growth and evolution of Taylor as an artist and as a person as well, she really continued despite everything.

Many of the songs that Taylor has released have become amazing hits, everyone listens to them and enjoys the talents of this singer. Without a doubt, she is one of the most relevant artists of recent times and the best thing is that her skills are not only limited to singing her own tracks.

In fact, Swift has been writing her songs since the beginning, her creativity has been reflected in her music with each new release. This is surprising but once again we think that here is the formula to better connect with the entire public. Through her songs she has shown a lot of herself.

And the best thing is that Taylor Swift has even written songs for other singers and groups, here we have some of them where she is credited, maybe you didn't know that she had participation in these tracks.

8 Songs Taylor Swift wrote for different artists

1. You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home for Miley Cirus

Martin Johnson and Taylor Swift wrote the song 'You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home', a track that Miley Cirus sang for one of the Hannah Montana movies, we know that this stage was left behind for the singer, but that song was written by Taylor.

2. Two Is Better Than One for Boys Like Girls

Boys Like Girls is a great group and Taylor has written for them, their song 'Two Is Better Than One' has some credits for her. This song was very popular when it was released.

3. Deja Vu for Olivia Rodrigo

Taylor Swift is actually one of the inspirations for Olivia Rodrigo, and they actually worked together in a couple of songs from 'Sour', one of them is 'Deja Vu'.

4. This is What You Came For for Calvin Harris and Rihanna

Actually, Calvin Harris worked with Taylor Swift for 'This is What You Came For', then Rihanna was a part of this popular song too!

5. Safe and Sound for The Civil Wars

Well, this was another writing collab since Taylor wordked with The Civil Wars for 'Safe and Sound' which is actually the soundtrack for 'The Hunger Games'.

6. Better Man for Little Big Town

This track was totally written by Swift, 'Better Man' is an amazing song and it was composed for Little Big Town.

7. Beautiful Ghosts for Cats movie

The movie 'Cats' is based on the musical with the same name and Taylor Swift wrote an original sound for its OST in collaboration with composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. 'Beautiful Ghosts' is sang by Francesca Hayward.

8. Babe for Sugarland

Sugarland is a great group and Taylor has worked with them too, she wrote the song 'Babe' for them and it's a great track she's also featured in the song.

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