Songs recommended by Wonwoo Songs recommended by Wonwoo

Songs recommended by SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo that all CARATs should listen to

What are Wonwoo's favorite songs? This SEVENTEEN member has recommended many tracks for CARAT

Wonwoo enjoys music a lot, he has even said that there are songs that give him strength, which ones do you recommend to your fans? Here are some tracks recommended by this SEVENTEEN rapper.

SEVENTEEN is an amazing K-Pop group that we have enjoyed since 2015, the year in which it debuted with 13 incredible idols who are still together today. Among the members of this boy group we find Jeon Wonwoo, an incredible singer, dancer, and rapper who works hard on every comeback and performance.

Wonwoo belongs to the Hip-Hop Team in SVT as rap is his specialty, this artist is skilled and has a characteristic voice that gives a special touch to each song of his idol group. But don't think that Wonu is only good at rapping, he also has a special and angelic voice with which he has given us unforgettable notes and verses in SEVENTEEN's songs.

We know very well that Wonu is special for many reasons, first there are his talents for which he has dazzled us and has conquered the hearts of CARAT. Then there's his personality, I know... he's shy, withdrawn and introverted, but the truth is he's also funny, unique, he has a lot of knowledge. He is someone extremely interesting.

Wonwoo likes to read and play video games, but he certainly loves music too and we know that because he has recommended a lot of great songs for his fans, here are some of them. What are the favorite tracks of this SEVENTEEN idol?

10 Music recommendations from SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo for you to add to your playlist

1. Through The Night by IU

Wonwoo is the #1 fan of IU and we all know it, he has recommended 'Through The Night' several times, he has said that this song gives him strenght, and it's just great, we just love this singer so much too!

2. Just A Picture by Kyle and Kehlani

'Just A Picture' is a song released in 2015, it's pretty cool, to be honest it makes you dance and sing along, it was released by Kyle and featured Kehlani, Wonu actually likes this song and there was a time when he used to listen to this song a lot.


AKMU is a duo which we all love and they're one of Wonwoo's favorite artists, this time he recommended 'NAKKA', a song we can find on their album 'Next Episode' released in 2021 and it actually features IU too, oh! We see it now.

4. Bury A Friend by Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is such a talented artist and we know that everyone likes her, even everyone_woo (lol), well, Wonu had the song 'bury a friend' by Billie on his playlist, so we think he recommends it.

5. Crush On You by RIRI

We love the versatile music taste that Wonwoo has, and this song is real good, 'Crush On You' has a great rhythm and all of the talents of RIRI, which is an amazing singer.

6. Ordinary People by John Legend

Wonu enjoys this calm type of music a lot, I can tell, he likes 'Ordinary People' from the album 'Get Lifted' that John Legend released back in 2004.

7. Miracle by Stella Jang

Another cute, calm and soothing song for you 'Miracle' is a song by Stella Jang which also features Paul Kim, it's a beautiful track that Wonu likes.

8. Breathe by Lauv

This playlist with Wonwoo would be very varied, but chill songs predominate, like 'Breath', a song that Lauv released in 2018 on the album 'I Met You When I Was 18'.

9. Imperfect Love by SEVENTEEN

Wonwoo really loves 'Imperfect Love', a song by Vocal Team in SEVENTEEN, this track was released in Attacca and it's such an amazing ballad, we all love, maybe we'll get to listen to an OT13 version of this one.

10. The Scientist by Coldplay

Wonwoo likes rock too! And Coldplay is such a popular band, 'The Scientist' is a song that this SVT member really likes, it's one of those calmer songs by the british group, but well, it's also a classic, to be honest.

Here we have more songs for your playlist, these are recommended by SEVENTEEN's Kim Mingyu

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