Olivia Rodrigo's favorite songs Olivia Rodrigo's favorite songs

Songs recommended by Olivia Rodrigo, what are the favorite tracks of this singer?

Olivia Rodrigo has a great taste in music, here we have some of the songs that she has recommended

There are a lot of artists and songs that inspire Olivia Rodrigo, here we have some tracks that she recommends as being some of her favorites.

Olivia Rodrigo is a young singer who has impressed the world with her amazing talent. All her songs from the album 'Sour' with which she debuted have been acclaimed by critics and fans, not for nothing she was a multi-winner in the most recent edition of the Grammy Awards.

Right now Olivia is one of the most listened to artists in the world, on digital platforms, physical sales and others she has broken records and we love to see her succeed. It is that her talent is from the creation of her songs since she is dedicated to writing and composing her own tracks.

On several occasions, Rodrigo has spoken about other singers who inspire her, mainly Lorde and Taylor Swift, who are among her favorite artists. Just as this singer enjoys making music, she also enjoys listening to it and she has a wide taste in music from which she can always be motivated to create her own tracks.

Do you want to know what Olivia Rodrigo's favorite songs are? Here we have some tracks that she has recommended, what kind of music does she like?

10 songs recommended by Olivia Rodrigo that you should listen

1. Picture To Burn by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of the Olivia's favorite artists and that's why she's on the top of this list, 'Picture To Burn' this track was released in 2009, it's now a classic by this singer.

2. A World Alone by Lorde

As we said before, Lorde is also one of those favorite artists for Olivia, and here she's with 'A World Alone', a song which this singer released in 2013 featured on the album 'Pure Heroine'.

3. Somebody Told Me by The Killers

Olivia said that her parents raised her listening to old rock stuff, but she reallky likes The Killers, an amazing rock band which released 'Somebody Told Me' in 2004, it's on their album 'Hot Fuss'.

4. Bathwater by No Doubt

For Olivia Rodrigo, Gwen Stefani is just great, this singer used to be a part of the group No Doubt and later had her solo career, but with the band she released 'Bathwater' which Olivia loves so much.

5. Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine by The White Stripes

We know that Jack White is one of those heroes for Olivia Rodrigo, and of course his famous duo The White Stripes have a lot of songs that she loves, one of them is 'Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine', such a classic song.

6. Merry Go 'Round by Kacey Musgraves

Olivia really loves music and girls in music are what makes her feel even more powerful, that's why Kacey Musgraves is here with 'Merry Go 'Round', Rodrigo said that she actually couldn't stop listening to this song.

7. My Boy by Billie Eilish

Olivia told that when she met Billie Eilish she tought Billie was the coolest girl she ever knew, and 'My Boy' is one of her favorite songs, she really loves Eilish's style.

8. Disarm by The Smashing Pumpkins

Olivia said that she loves 'Disarm' by The Smashing Pumpkins since she can listen to it with full  volume in the car while she's singing, screaming and crying.

9. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright by Bob Dylan

Olivia said that when she was younger she never noticed Bob Dylan, but when she grew up and discovered 'Don't Think Twice, It's Alright', she just tought it was a very beautiful song.

10. Iron Man by Black Sabbath

Woah! It seems like Olivia likes Heavy metal, Black Sabbath is actually the group which created this kind of music, and she loves 'Iron Man' a classic by the band, she says that she used to listen to it a lot when she was 13 years old.

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