K-Pop songs in Chinese K-Pop songs in Chinese

Songs of K-Pop groups in Chinese that you must listen to right now

Some K-Pop groups have released Chinese original songs or Chinese versions of their songs

There are a lot of idols from China and there are also a lot of K-Pop fans in China, so it's common to find some songs in Chinese from different idol groups.

In K-Pop there is diversity, firstly in the idols that are part of the boy bands and girl groups of this musical genre. We know very well that agencies don't limit themselves and find the talent in countries outside of Korea as well and that's just great.

There is also diversity in the fans of this type of music, today Korean Pop has fans around the world, regardless of language or nationality, there are people who faithfully follow the different idol groups. It's great to know that music unites millions of people around the planet.

This is why K-Pop groups often release songs in other languages. We have tracks in the genre in English, Japanese, and there are even some in Spanish, did you know? Well, but here we have some in Chinese. Well, China is also a country that consumes a lot of K-Pop, despite the fact that there are bans in the country.

There are Chinese idols in K-Pop and also many Chinese fans who support idol groups, so they have released Chinese versions of their songs, covers or original songs, here are some of them.

8 Chinese songs released by K-Pop groups

1. Boy In Luv Chinese ver. by BTS

We all love 'Boy In Luv', one of the most popular BTS songs, this one has a Chinese version, did you know it? They even released a special MV for this one, isn't it great?

2. Growl Chinese ver. by EXO

EXO used to have Chinese members, and that's why they released a Chinese version of 'Growl', it also has a special MV and we loved the power of this track in a different language.

3. In A Faraway Palace by MONSTA X

This is actually a cover that MONSTA X made of a Chinese song, it's called 'In A Faraway Palace' and they even made a performance once for a show in China. MX's version is simply amazing, so powerful and OMG, I.M's rap in Chinese is in another level, oh! and Kihyun's vocals, OMG.

4. Warrior by SEVENTEEN

There are two SEVENTEEN members who are from China, Jun and Minghao, they have released a lot of songs in Chinese. But then there's 'Warrior' a song for the soundtrack of a C-Drama in which Jun, THE8, Joshua, Vernon and Mingyu participated.

5. Regular by WayV

There are a lot of songs from NCT subunits in Chinese since some of the members of the group are from China. The idol group also has WayV which is the China Line's subunit. Here we have 'Regular' in its Chinese ver. since it's performed by said subunit.

6. O Sole Mio Chinese ver. by SF9

SF9 showed their power with a different language with their Chinese version of 'O Sole Mio', one of their most popular songs that we all love, tbh.

7. Just Right Chinese ver. by GOT7

We all loved 'Just Right' by GOT7, it was such an amazing song and as you might know, Jackson Wang is from China and he has released some songs in Chinese, but then we have a Chinese ver. of Just Right and it's indeed just right.

8. Chained Up Chinese ver. by VIXX

VIXX has amazing songs and 'Chained Up' is one of them, did you know that this one has a Chinese version? It's simply amazing, we all love it too!

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