TWICE's best Melody Projects TWICE's best Melody Projects

Songs from TWICE's Melody Project that showed new sides of its members

Do you know the Melody Project that TWICE posts on YouTube? Some  songs showed us new facets of these idols

TWICE members are very talented and they won't only shine as a group, they've also showed their abilities in duo and in solo projects like 'Melody Project', here are or favorite songs from this segment on the group's official YouTube channel.

TWICE is one of the most successful K-Pop girl groups and it has a lot of fans who enjoy, love and support every comeback and project of this idol group. It's been years since TWICE's debut and its fandom keeps growing more and more.

We have lot of songs from TWICE, its discography is full of great tracks which ONCE loves a lot. And when they put a show on stage, we can't stop admiring these idols' talents even more. They all work perfectly as a team and that's why they get a lot of attention from fans and media.

But TWICE members won't only stand out as a big team, they've showed more of their abilities and different sides with some projects as solo artists. JYP Entertainment made a space on YouTube for the TWICE idols and they created 'Melody Project'.

In 'Melody Project' we find covers, sometimes with the TWICE members as soloist and sometimes they work in duo to release these songs. Here we have our favorite ones that you need to listen to.

5 song which TWICE members released as Melody Project that show different sides of the idols

1. Switch to me by Dahyun and Chaeyoung

TWICE rappers decided to make a cool cover of the song 'Switch to me', a retro beat which showed that these idols are great at rap but also amazing singers, these are the talents of Dahyun and Chaeyoung.

2. Snowman by Mina

Mina has such a beautiful voice and her cover of 'Snowman', an original Sia's song, it's a great proof of this. She also looked gorgeous in the video.

3. Love Is Everything by Nayeon

'Love Is Everything' is a cover made by Nayeon, this song is originally from Ariana Grande, so the idol not only showed her great voice but also her good skills with a different language.

4. Off my face by Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung is a great Justin Bieber fan and she showed this with her cover of 'Off My Face' but what we love the most about this song is the amazing voice of this TWICE member.

5. Me! by Tzuyu

Tzuyu released a cover of Taylor Swift's 'Me!' as Melody Project and it was just incredible, we love the talents of TWICE's maknae.

Keep listening to more TWICE's songs, here we have some perfect ones to listen to in the beach

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