Songs from K-Pop groups which disbanded Songs from K-Pop groups which disbanded

Songs from K-Pop groups that disbanded and are now missed by fans

Sadly, in K-Pop there are idol groups that ended up breaking up, but left their best songs for the fans

Some K-Pop groups break up for various reasons and although they leave a void in many fans, they also leave behind their musical legacy to miss them a little less.

To many it might seem like the K-Pop industry is going too fast. In other musical genres it is not customary to have comebacks as often as in this one, groups always seek to innovate and not deactivate themselves so as not to lose fans. It is also an industry with a lot of strong competition.

Perhaps this is why many K-Pop groups have an expiration date, cold as it sounds. It is known that there are idol groups that only last 7 years since it is a very typical time for which the contracts with the agencies of the musical genre last. But there are projects that only last one year.

On the other hand, we also have idol groups that never disband and over the years, although they have fewer comebacks, they continue to surprise their fans. Others who renew their contracts and promise more in the future, and so, there is a great diversity in K-Pop.

But this time, we will remember the groups that have already disbanded and that although they left a void in their fans, they also left us great songs that we really love.

The best songs of K-Pop groups that have already disbanded

1. One Shot by B.A.P

B.A.P debuted on 2012 and they had this great concept and energy but their agency was being abusive with the group, so they had to demand it but there were a lot of things going on and they couldn't win, so they kept working there until the end of their contract when they disbanded. But here we have 'One Shot' to remember this great idol group.

2. La Vie En Rose by IZ*ONE

IZ*ONE was such a great girl group, but it only lasted 3 years, they debuted on 2018 and then in 2021 they disbanded, fans are still hurt by this fact, but they're are happy since they had songs such as 'La Vie En Rose', a great track from this group.

3. Flash by X1

Sadly, X1 just lasted one year, they came out from  Produce X 101 reality show, and broke a lot of records, took a lot of music charts... But well, there was only one year to enjoy of this boy band. We love 'Flash' since it's such a great song.

4. Only You by Miss A

Miss A used to be a girl group from JYP Entertainment, the idols worked together for 7 long years, then they decided to disband. Some of the members became actresses. Here we remember them with 'Only You'.

5. Boyfriend by BOYFRIEND

Starship Entertainment debuted a group with 6 boys, BOYFRIEND had a lot of success during its career, they were together for 8 years until they disbanded. Thet had great songs such as 'Boyfriend'.

6. Be My Baby by Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls was a group for 10 years, they debuted on 2007 and disbanded on 2017, they had great songs and a huge impact in fans which won't forget them. Now some of their members are soloists or actresses, here we remember them with 'Be My Baby'.

7. Energetic by Wanna One

We have this love-hate relationship with bands from Produce 101 since they just last one year and now we're left without Wanna One, a great group we miss but we also love their song 'Energetic'.

8. We Like by PRISTIN

PRISTIN debuted in 2016 under Pledis Entertainment, then, 3 years later, the group disbanded. It was sad for fans, but they left great songs like 'We Like'.

9. Face by NU'EST

Even if NU'EST just disbanded during this 2022, we still can't get over it, they were together for 10 years before this, they have a lot of amazing songs and here we have 'Face' which we really love.

10. The Blue Bird by APRIL

APRIL debuted on 2015 and after 6 years, the idols from this girl group decided to disband, it was sad for a lot of fans, but at least we have great songs such as 'The Blue Bird'.

Keep listening to more K-Pop songs, here we have some break-up ones from TXT that you might relate to. 

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