Amazing K-Pop female soloists Amazing K-Pop female soloists

Songs by female soloists in K-Pop that will fill you with energy and power

In K-Pop we have a lot of female soloists who empower themselves on stage and inspire us with their songs

The girls in K-Pop always show their fiercest side and with their songs they also give us great tracks to feel energized and powerful. Here we have some of these female idols with their best songs.

In K-Pop there is a great feminine power, the girl groups in this industry are full of talent and each woman who takes the stage shows us her most powerful and fierce side with each song and performance. There are a lot of things that we can admire about them and that can also inspire us.

Although we can see many girls in K-Pop groups, there are also soloists who give their best with their music. Or idols who belong to a band but still debut as soloists to make their personal mark on the Korean music industry. It's wonderful to be able to have more of the talents of our favorite female idols.

And we want to enjoy those empowering songs that many female K-Pop soloists have left for fans. Maybe if you haven't stanned these girls yet, this is your cue to do so. Just listen to their best songs and enjoy their talents, we know you're gonna love them

Here we have some songs by K-Pop female soloists that you need to listen to, maybe some of them you already know, but others will give you a pleasant surprise.

10 K-Pop female solo songs to empower your playlist

1. Gashina by Sunmi

Sunmi released 'Gashina' in 2017, it's an amazing song full of energy for you, you will surely love it. It's a pretty upbeat and danceable track, which really charmed fans from the moment it came out.

2. Solo by Jennie

Jennie from BLACKPINK was the first member in the girl group to fdebut as a solo artist, and she did it with 'Solo' in 2018. We love this song, it starts kinda calmly but then gets really cool.

3. Dumb Dumb by Somi

We love the power of Somi, she's a talented artist who has been working hard on her soloist songs and pursuing her own dreams. In 2021, she released 'Dumb Dumb' which made the world dance to it.

4. I’m a B by Hwasa

MAMAMOO is a girl group full of talent and we cannot deny that Hwasa has great power in the group. But she also does it as a solo artist and in 2021 she released a new hit 'I'm a B' we loved it and she fills us with great energy to dance and have attitude.

5. Lalisa by Lisa

Lisa killed it with her solo debut, 'Lalisa' had two tracks, one with the same name and 'Money' and both took the entire global industry. This BLACKPINK idol is simply amazing and we admire all of her talents.

6. The Baddest Female by CL

We can't talk about femenine power in K-Pop without talking about CL, she's an amazing artist and even if it's been a while since she released 'The Baddest Female', we love this song from 2013 which let us see who's the boss here.

7. Starlight by Taeyeon

We love how amazing is the voice of Taeyeon and she's been working in her music since Girls' Generation but as a soloist she shines too! And we loved 'Starlight' which she released in 2016.

8. Beam Beam by Soyeon

In 2021, Soyeon released 'Windy' an album in which we can listen to 'Beam Beam', she is a big part of (G)-IDLE who is not only dedicated to singing and dancing, she has also worked as a producer and has been recognized as one of the best in the industry.

9. On the Ground by Rosé

At the beginning of 2021, Rosé from BLACKPINK debuted as a  soloist with 'On The Ground' we love this multalented idol who can play instruments, write, compose and sing so well.

10. Red Lipstick by Lee Hi

Lee Hi is such a talented soloist, she's even been collaborating with a lot of idols, her voice is amazing and unique. We loved 'Red Lipstick' which is a pretty danceable song she released in 2021.

Keep listening to more songs from girls, here we have some calm  music made by Red Velvet

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