I.M's solo songs for you I.M's solo songs for you

Songs by MONSTA X's I.M as a solo artist, enjoy the best of this rapper

Changkyun has not only worked for MONSTA X, he has also worked solo and here are some of his best songs

I.M is one of the MONSTA X rappers who has stood out for his unique style and great contribution to the group's songs. But he also has his own tracks that make him shine as a solo artist, which are the best?

MONSTA X features amazing singers, dancers, and rappers. All the members of this K-Pop group have worked hard to release the best music for the fans. And each song has a special touch. MX's music is simply unique and is what catches the attention of the public.

The best thing is that the members of this boy band have an active participation in the creation of their songs. Like I.M, who is not only a great rapper, he has also served as a song writer for MONSTA X. And if that wasn't enough, he has also released his own solo tracks.

Changkyun has put more of himself into some of his songs, his mixtapes and more digital songs show us more of his talent and his great creativity for music. This rapper has given MONBEBE much more music to enjoy with different stories, feelings and emotions expressed in his songs.

So here we recommend some of I.M's songs as a solo artist, you should add them to your playlist and enjoy this MONSTA X rapper more.

8 MONSTA X I.M solo songs that should be on your playlist

1. Loop

I.M had his own documental in collaboration with Baverse Studio and he also released the song 'Loop' which has a lot of his emotions, with a cool beat and great lyrics. You need this song on your playlist.

2. Who Am I

'Who Am I' was one of the first I.M's solo songs, he released this track in 2016, almost a year after his debut with MONSTA X. This one has the great style of the rapper, and features Yeseo.

3. Happy To Die

We can find 'Happy To Die' in one of Changkyun's mixtapes, we're talking about 'Duality' which has great songs, it was released in 2021.

4. Madeleine

I.M is someone quite romantic and 'Madeleine' proves it, it is a song in which he collaborated with Brother Su and J.Han has a vibe full of love without missing the great rap of the MONSTA X idol.

5. God Damn

In 'Duality' we can find 'God Damn' which is one of the favorite ones for fans, it has its own MV with an iconic look of I.M.

6. Fly With Me

Again, Changkyu's more romantic side is shown in his songs, this is why 'Fly With Me' is so special and we love listening to it, it will surely become your favorite.

7. Scent

'Scent' begins with a fairly calm rhythm and I.M's soft voice is accompanied by the beat itself that little by little is rising more as well as our emotion for this song.

8. Horizon

I.M worked with ELHAE for their song 'Horizon', this one has deep beats that might even sound dark but they perfectly accompany the MONSTA X rapper's velvety voice.

I.M is a very talented rapper and all these songs prove it, we love all the mixtapes of this artist, have you already chosen your favorite song? All of them are amazing.

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