Add these J-Hope's solo songs to your playlist Add these J-Hope's solo songs to your playlist

Songs by J-Hope from BTS as a solo artist to stream alongside More

Are you still streaming 'More'? Here we have more J-Hope solo songs for your playlist

'More' is not J-Hope's solo debut, here are some of our favorite songs this BTS member has released as a solo artist.

There is no doubt that BTS is an idol group full of talented boys and among them we find Jung Hoseok. Or as we know him better, J-Hope, who has served as a singer and dancer in this idol group. He is an amazing rapper and we know very well that dancing is his specialty.

J-Hope has worked hard since his debut with Bangtan Sonyeondan, as part of the idol group's rap line he always participates in song writing. He is an extremely creative person and is also the vitamin of the group by being a mood maker for his fellow members.

There is a lot of evidence that Hobi is a very dedicated person with a passion for music. 'More' has taken the world by storm, the first single from this BTS idol's upcoming album is just great. We can't stop listening to this new track by the rapper.

But there is more than just 'More' and here we have some of J-Hope's songs as a solo artist that we have really loved, listen to them all and enjoy the talent of this BTS rapper. In addition to lengthening your songs for the stream.

8 J-Hope solo songs to add to your More stream playlist

1. Hangsang

We're gonna have a lot of songs from 'Hope World' here which is a mixtape that Hobi released in 2018, one of those songs is 'Hangsang' which is a pure Hip-Hop track, it has a lot of style and we really loved it.

2. Just Dance

'Just Dance' is a song we can find on 'Love Yourself: Answer', even if this was a BTS album, all of their members got a solo songs in some of them and 'Just Dance' was the one which J-Hope did by himself. Of course it's a song to dance and we loved it.

3. Daydream

Here we have another track from 'Hope World', we loved the style of 'Daydream', and it also has a very cool MV, so if you're streaming on YouTube, you can watch this one.

4. Chicken Noodle Soup

Of course! This one cannot be missed on your streaming playlist, Chicken Noodle Soup is an amazing song in which J-Hope collaborated with Becky G and it's a pretty cool track. The MV is nice too!

5. P.O.P

With his solo songs, J-Hope showed a variety of sounds and styles, here we have 'P.O.P' which has a pretty cool piano and those verses of the rapper are not lacking on this track, such a great song!

6. Airplane

You'll love 'Airplane', it has cool vibes since the intro of this J-Hope's song, it's truly great and then, of course we have Hobi with his own style giving us amazing lyrics for this track.

7. Base Line

Woah! We have here another kind a J-Hope, a pretty amazing one, tbh, this one is true rap. The beat is sick and those verses, OMG, ve really love Hobi's style in 'Base Line'.

8. Hope World

Last but not least, 'Hope World' is such an amazing song, it has all the creativity of J-Hope in this one and of course his own style and unique vibes.

Keep reading more about your favorite K-Pop idols, here we have some of them who keep shining as soloists after they groups disbanded. 

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