Best songs of Jimin by BTS Best songs of Jimin by BTS

Songs by BTS'Jimin that you must listen to if you are ARMY

Jimin has proven to be an incredible dancer and a great vocalist, so here are the songs you may not know about the artist

Are you Jimin biased? Then you probably know that there are some little-known songs from the cutest member of BTS. While jimin has already shocked us with his amazing dance moves and harmonies, the idol has once again shown us his vocal abilities with some of his solo songs.

Besides "Filter", "Lie" and "Serendypity", Jimin has other songs that you may have overlooked, but don't worry because if you want to know everything about the Idol here is a short list of songs that Jimin has performed.

Jimin's lesser known songs 

1. Christmas Love 

This song has a beautiful meaning, as it was a gift that the Idol. Jimin gave to ARMY on Christmas 2020. This song was released through BTS's SoundCloud account.
As always Jimin's sharp voice is perfect with this carol, here we leave you the link so you can listen to it.

2. Tony Montana

Have you ever heard Jimin rap? Well in this song Jimin collaborates with Suga in his mixtape "Agust D". Jimin surprised ARMY rapping with Suga with the song "Tony Montana". Don't miss this performance.

3. 95 Graduation

"95 Graduation" is a cover that Jimin and Taehyung did tribute to Lupe Fiasco's "Old Schol Love". Although this song is very old, it is a jewel to rediscover it because we have rarely heard covers by Jimin.

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