Solo idols who once were in a K-Pop group Solo idols who once were in a K-Pop group

Solo idols who started their career as members of a K-Pop group

There are soloists in K-Pop who started their careers as part of an idol group, who are they?

In K-Pop there are not only groups, there are also many soloists who leave us the best of their music to enjoy. Some of them first belonged to a K-Pop group and later had their solo debut.

In K-Pop we have a wide variety of absolutely everything, first of all there are the groups that dedicate their time to preparing first, then to release the best songs that make an impact on the industry. But not only can we enjoy idol groups in this musical genre.

We will also see soloists shine in K-Pop, girls and boys who have a solo path, releasing their best songs, taking the stage with great performances and leaving the world with the best of their musical talents and abilities. Their shows and tracks are usually phenomenal.

So there are definitely a lot of solo artists that you shouldn't miss out on in Korean Pop, they have all kinds of songs and even sometimes they experience in a different way than a boy band or girl group, maybe because they have a little more freedom in different ways.

But it should also be noted that there are solo idols who began their journey as part of a K-Pop group and then ventured into a solo career. Here we have some of them.

5 K-Pop solo artists who were first idol group members

1. HyunA

Did you know that Hyuna was part of two K-Pop groups before become a solo artist? She debuted as a part of Wonder Girls and then with 4Minute, but after getting kicked out from Cube Entertainment she could get to be a great solo artist, don't you love her?

2. Sunmi

We love Sunmi and her music, but she started as a member of Wonder Girls, when this girl group disbanded, she managed to keep working in music as a solo artist.

3. Chung Ha

We can say that Chung Ha is such  a talented artist, she's great at dancing and she's an amazing singer too. She used to be a member from I.O.I but as this girl group just lasted 1 year, she started her solo career after the disbandment of the group.

4. Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori is a legendary star in Korean music, this singer was a part of the girl group Fin.K.L which disbanded in 2002. A little bit after this, Lee Hyori debuted as a solo artist in 2003.

5. Wonho

Wonho is an incredible solo artist who writes, composes and produces his own music. He used to be a part of the K-Pop group MONSTA X, but he had a controversy that led him to leave the group and he couldn't get back... But now he works as a soloist.

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