Artists with the most VMAs Artists with the most VMAs

Singers who have won the most awards at the MTV VMAs, how many do they have?

The MTV VMAs are one of the most important awards in the music industry, which artists have more of these?

In the MTV VMAs there are some artists who have become the top winners of this ceremony, who are they?

The MTV Video Music Awards were created in 1984, since then they seek to reward the best music videos of the year. It was at that time when MVs began to become popular, because before that, the radio was the main meter for popular music and a medium for many artists.

But with the arrival of music videos, MTV became a founding channel and one of the most important in music. Where we could see the most popular and prominent artists of the moment. It is a historical television network that has been evolving as time goes by.

But going back to the MTV VMAs, we must say that this is an extremely important award, because not only is an award given to the best videos of the year, we also have great performances by a lot of artists, impressive hosts and more that make this ceremony something more than special.

Do you know which singers have the most MTV VMAs? Here we have those who have taken a greater number of statuettes over time.

The 8 artists with the most awards from the MTV VMAs

1. Madonna

The Queen Of Pop, of course she gotta be here, she was very popular back in the 80's and she's just an amazing artist, Madonna has over 20 awards from MTV VMAs.

2. Beyoncé

Beyoncé has won 16 awards from MTV VMAs and has been nominated more than 60 times, it's amazing, don't you think so?

3. Lady Gaga

The number of VMAs won by Lady Gaga is over 18, did you know that? She has the best music videos, to be honest, maybe she deserved more awards.

4. Eminem

Woah! Eminem is a talented rapper that has been bringing the best songs for his fans for sooo long. And he has won 13 VMAs, that's a great number.

5. Michael Jackson

Another great artist! Michael Jackson is the King of Pop and he has won 12 awards in total at MTV VMAs, we know this list won't get longer, sadly.

6. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has got 11 awards at the MTV VMAs, isn't it amazing? We think so! She's a great artist and her MVs are really cool too.

7. Justin Timberlake

Just like Taylor, Justin Timberlake has also won 11 VMAs, this singer used to be in a boy band and he has shone as a soloist too.

8. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has won 9 awards at the MTV VMAs, so that's great, one of the singers with the most awards from this ceremony.

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