Watch these short webdramas Watch these short webdramas

Short Korean webdramas you can binge-watch in only one day

You can watch some great stories in short webdramas that won't take you long to finish

Sometimes webdramas are a good option to entertain you on those boring days because their short stories are full of fun.

Fans of Korean series have plenty of options to watch. Each story in K-Dramas is a different adventure with great plots and characters that have completely conquered all kinds of audiences. Around the world we can now enjoy these productions on different platforms.

There are all kinds of themes in Korean dramas, love stories, fantasy, mystery and much more for every fan. Korean writers and directors create the best plots. While our favorite actors perfectly execute each of their roles in these series.

As you may know, there are super long K-Dramas that have become classics and fan favorites. But also, if you have little time or you don't like extremely long stories, Korean series also have short plots that you can watch in a few hours or in the same day without stopping.

So here we have some short webdramas for you, check out the best of these amazing series. Some of these K-Dramas can even be found available on YouTube.

6 short webdramas you can finish watching in a few hours


Year: 2018
Starring Shin Ye Eun and Lee Na Eun

This drama is about 2nd and 3rd graders who have to deal with life as teenagers and will soon have to make some big decisions for their adult life. Follow their adventures here!

You can watch 'A-TEEN', a short but cool webdrama.

2. Maybe, Maybe Not

Year: 2019
Starring Kong You Lim and Kim Kang Min

In this series we will meet a girl with a special ability, she can read minds. This is why she has behaved strangely all the time in college, but everything changes when she meets a boy whose mind she cannot read.

Maybe, Maybe Not | Twitter: @Famiechevalier

 'Maybe, Maybe Not' has a really cute story for you.

3. In Seoul

Year: 2019
Starring Min Do Hee and Jang Young Nam

This series is about a girl in 12th grade who is trying to be independent, so she enrolls in a University in Seoul, how will her odyssey to reach it be like?

You can watch 'In Seoul' in some hours and it also has a second season.

4. The World of My 17

Year: 2020
Starring Hwang Boreum Byeol and Han Chaekyung

In this K-Drama we meet a group of friends who are in their 17's, they have to go through various disappointments and adventures. It is a sincere and realistic story about the growth of the protagonists.

The World Of My 17 | Twitter: @drama_kcj_lover

You can watch the short but great story of 'The World of My 17'

5. Top Management

Year: 2018
Starring: Seo Eun Soo and Ahn Hyo Seop

This is a drama about an idol trainee who can actually see the future, so years after the failure of her girl group debut, she becomes an idol manager.

'Top Management' has an interesting and short story for you.

6. Replay: The Moment

Year: 2021
Starring Kim Min Chul and (G)-IDLE's Miyeon

This webdrama is about a group of 18 year olds who share their experiences and so on, they have a band in which they will develop better and also have a romance.

Replay: The Moment | Twitter: @hellolivetv

You'll love the story of 'Replay: The Moment', so watch this short webdrama.

 Keep watching dramas, here we have some starring the great actor Kim Woo Bin, you can chose your favorite one.

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