Short Korean dramas for you Short Korean dramas for you

Short Korean dramas to watch in your spare time, enjoy these exciting stories

Sometimes we don't have much free time, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying a good K-Drama, here we have some short ones for you to watch

Sometimes it's good to enjoy a long and short story to spend some free time with, so here we recommend some short Korean dramas for you to watch.

Many dramas have great stories that engulf the audience with great characters and amazing plotlines. Some of them have become simply iconic because they completely captivated the Korean public as well as those from other parts of the world.

In Korean dramas we can find the great creativity and work of writers and directors who create or adapt the best plots for television in the country. And thanks to the internet, these stories reach the entire planet and manage to attract the attention of more fans who enjoy this type of series.

Although there may not always be enough time to watch a long drama, with episodes sometimes lasting more than an hour. So, the world of K-Dramas also has short series so that fans can see stories quickly but without losing the quality of plots and good character development.

Here we recommend some short K-Dramas for you to enjoy in your free time, you will love their stories and you will not be able to stop watching each of their episodes.

5 short K-Dramas to watch when you don't have much free time

1. Hymn Of Death

Year: 2018
Starring: Lee Jong Suk and Shin Hye Sun

This is a drama based on a real history about the first Korean soprano who falls in love with a playwright who is already married, their tragic love story is reflected in this series of 6 chapters of 30 minutes.

Hymn Of Death | Twitter: @theseoulstory

Watch the shor but amazing story of 'Hymn Of Death'

2. Splash Splash Love

Year: 2015
Starring Kim Seul Gi and Yoon Doo Joon

This is a really short drama about a girl who has the power to teletransport on rainy days, everything changes when she is pressured for an exam and ends up traveling to the past.

Watch 'Splash Splash Love' which only has 2 episodes.

3. Seven First Kisses

Year: 2016
Starring Lee Cho Hee and Choi Ji Woo

This K-Drama tells the story of a girl with a great opportunity, she will meet the love of her life and she will be able to choose him among 7 men who will give her a kiss. Each one of them is different, but they could make her feel the same feelings.

Seven First Kisses | Twitter: @brunette931

 Watch 'Seven First Kisses' with a great cast and a short story.

4. One Sunny Day

Year: 2014
Starring So Ji Sub and Kim Ji Won

This drama tells the story of a man who broke up with his girlfriend and now is in Jeju Island on a work trip where he meets a new girl and might fall in love with her since they have some things in common.

'One Sunny Day' is a short K-Drama with a cute story.

5. Be Positive

Year: 2016
Starring EXO's D.O and Chae Seo Jin

This drama is about a couple of ex-boyfriends who now have to get together for a project and more events that follow this as the boy is a film student who wants to succeed in his production despite the situation.

Be Positive | Twitter: @jiSoocerry

Watch 'Be Positive', it has a great story.

 Keep watching more K-Dramas, here we recommend some with characters who have a glow up.

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