'Silenced' and 'The Man Standing Next' posters 'Silenced' and 'The Man Standing Next' posters

Shocking Korean movies inspired by true events to watch on marathon

We have for you just acclaimed movies from the Korean industry. These shocking stories are inspired by true incidents.         

The powerful Hallyu wave is mostly spreading all over the world the sparkling K-Pop. Also, we all love to watch adorable love stories in our favorite K-Dramas. No one can deny how important this industry is.

However, Korean entertainment has a wide catalog. Its filming industry has been praised for many years. Nowadays it is conquering the most prestigious festival and awards in the film world.

That's why today we are talking about some acclaimed movies that everyone should watch. All these films have something in common: brilliant cast, flawless direction, awesome production, and a script inspired by true events.

These movies are perfect to know better some Korean social issues, culture and history. Before starting, we need to mention that here are no happy or sad endings, just the cruel reality. Take a seat, and enjoy the show!

Korean movies based on true events

1. The Man Standing Next (2020)

Here will see the story of president President Park, played by Lee Byung Hun. There are many artistic licenses, however, it reflects the complicated geopolitical situation of Korea during the 70s.

2. The Attorney (2013)

This film was inspired by the 'Burim case' where many students and workers were arrested unfairly during the authoritarian Chun Doo Hwan regime. We'll see the lawyer Song Woo Suk (Song Kang Ho) looking to unveil the truth behind this incident.

3. Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013)

This iconic movie was inspired by the story of a man who was forced to confess that he killed a young girl. After more than 30 years in prison, he finally proved to be innocent.

4. The Chaser (2008)

This shocking story was inspired by the real serial killer Yoo Young Chul. Kim Yoon Seok and Ha Jung Woo join forces to portray this thriller. It is one of the favorites of the critics.

'The Chaser' poster / Twitter @rajj_gowtham

5. Silenced (2011)

Gong Yoo took the role of Knag In Ho. He is the new teacher of a school for disabled children. He discovers that the students are victims of abuse. He will face the corrupt system looking for justice.

Almost the entire movie tells the true events of this awful case. It also helped to solve the real incident. We have to warn you, it has many terrible graphic scenes.

Have you watched one of these impressive films?

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