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Sci-Fi K-Dramas with technology innovation plots that we all want to try

Do you want to explore what the technology will offer us in the future? These K-Dramas have awesome innovations that we'd like to try.

Here are the best Sci-fi K-Dramas! Sometimes this type of genre is a thriller at the same time. The futuristic shows are warning us about the bad side of technology.

However, the innovations that we gonna see in these interesting dramas we are wishing for to become real. Are you curious about it? Look for popcorn and enjoy the show!

K-Dramas with interesting technology gadgets

1. Memories of the Alhambra (2019)

This show story turns around an Augmented Reality game about medieval battles. It looks so cool we all would love to play it. the casting inclincludesude Park Shin Hye, Hyun Bin and EXO's Chanyeol.

'Memories of the Alhambra' scene / By @hello_myjoy

2. Love Alarm (2019 - 2021)

Love Alarm is an app that can tell when someone like you and when and vice-versa. This innovation sounds interesting but through the two seasons will see how our protagonists will face some problems because of using the app.

'Love Alarm' poster / By @kdrama_menfess

3. My Holo Love (2020)

This show has a unique plot. Han So Yeon (Ko Sung Hee) has an anti-social issue. She decides to use an Artificial Intelligence program. Eventually the hologram "Holo" will change her life.

'My Holo Love' poster / By @MatiBertucci

Have you watched these shows? No? What are you waiting for?

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